Rebbe’s Explanations on Rambam Published In Time for Siyum

In honor of the siyum on the Rambam’s Sefer Tahara, a new installment of the upcoming “Otzar Hamelech”, which collects all the Rebbe’s explanations of Rambam, was released, covering the following seforim of Mishneh Torah.

For close to two months, those studying the daily Rambam have been making the arduous journey through the complex Halachos of Sefer Tahara.

Tomorrow, we conclude this Sefer and begin a series of more “Yeshivishe” Seforim – Nezikin, Kinyan and Mishpatim – which discuss Halachos and Sugyos that are much more familiar to the average learner: damages, theft, hashavas aveidahkinyanimshomrim etc.

In honor of this occasion, Rabbi Yossi Lipskier, the author of the upcoming work “Otzar Hamelech”, is proud to release another installment of his Sefer, with close to 100 pages and over 500 Biurim from the Rebbe on these three Seforim of Mishneh Torah.

In the Rebbe’s classic style, the explanations range across the spectrum of Torah: Nigleh, Mussar, Chassidus, and avodas Hashem.

B’ezras Hashem, the 2-volume work will be printed in honor of the Siyum Harambam on Lag Baomer this year.

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Click here to download the new installment.

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