Rebbe Story Inspires Bochurim to Restore Chovevei Torah Menorah

The bochurim of the Achei Tmimim division of Chovevei Torah gave the iconic menorah in front of the yeshiva building a complete overhaul to restore and upgrade it in time for Chanukah. What pushed them to finish it in time was a story of the Rebbe.

With Chanukah just around the corner, bochurim in the Achei Tmimim division of Chovevei Torah, were busy restoring the large Menorah in front of the building after one of the administrative staff noticed some corrosion on the menorah’s exterior. 

After an extensive inspection they realized it would need a complete overhaul as the wiring, sockets, and switches had all become rusty after being exposed to the elements of the weather from the past year. 

“At Achei Tmimim we cater to Bochurim who are slipping through the regular system while keeping the standards of a regular Yeshivah,” explained Rabbi Levi Tzukernik. “This is a great opportunity to let our Bochurim use their talents in a productive way.”

What pushed the bochurim and hanhala to restore the menorah, and to have it ready in time for Chanukah, was a story of the Rebbe.

Once when the Rebbe was on the way back from the Ohel, before making the left turn onto Brooklyn Ave, back to 770, the Rebbe noticed there was no Menorah in front of Oholei Torah. The Rebbe turned to Rabbi Krinsky and told him that “if when the shul was a Conservative temple, it had a Menorah in front of the building, then definitely when the building was being used by Oholei Torah there should be one.” Hearing what the Rebbe had said, R. Motel Bronstein quickly put up the Menorah, one that is put up every year as Chanukah arrives.

In Chovevei, this year, in order to add to the Pirsumei Nisa and make the menorah better than before, the bochrim put in custom silicone covers in order to protect the electrical system. They also ordered special bright flame mimicking light bulbs that will shine brightly for all to see.

“A special thank you to Shimmy M. As well as Yanky H. And Schneur P. For all their hard work. Thank you to Levi T. and Avraham A. for sponsoring the restoration,” the yeshiva’s administration said.

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