Rebbe Responsa Launches ‘Behind the Letter’

In addition to the regular collection of letters, on the topic of dealing with mockery and ridicule, Rebbe Responsa has launched a new segment called “Behind the Letter,” including anecdotes, historical background, and interesting tidbits on one of the letters.

This week’s selection of letters includes one letter connected to the Parsha, Beha’aloscha, and another three on the topic of dealing with mockery and ridicule, explaining the importance of not being discouraged by scoffers.

In addition, included is Newly Released Letter, which has recently been made available to the public for the first time.

This week, we are excited to launch a new segment in the weekly booklet – “Behind the Letter”, in which we will Beezras Hashem provide anecdotes, historical background, or interesting tidbits, relating to one of the Rebbe’s English letters.

In addition, included is a Newly Released Letter as part of our recently relaunched daily newly released letter series.

Rebbe Responsa kindly requests anyone who may be in possession of letters of the Rebbe in English, to send them by email so that these unique treasures can benefit the public.

These selected letters are sourced from the extensive collection of over 5,000 English letters written by the Rebbe, accessible through the Rebbe Responsa app. To view previous issues click here.

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