Reb Yoel’s Shiurim – Available For All

Throughout the years, Reb Yoel Kahn led over 2,500 shiurim for the Chassidishe community of Boro Park, bringing Chassidus to thousands of yidden. Soon this treasure trove of shiurim will be made available to the public.

Everyone knows that a shiur of Reb Yoel Kahn’s is anything but ordinary. R’ Yoel was the chozer whom the Rebbe entrusted with the important task of transcribing Sichos and Maamarim, right from the get-go. The reichkeit of R’ Yoel’s understanding of Chassidus is the reason we understand Chassidus today.

Throughout the years, Reb Yoel led over 2,500 shiurim for the Chassidishe community of Boro Park. His explanations generated much excitement toward learning Tanya, Maamarim, and Sichos, bringing hundreds of people closer to the Rebbe’s Torah.  

And it gets better: we have archives of these timeless shiurim, and they’re about to become yours!

Heichel Menachem’s dedicated staff is working around the clock to make this treasure trove of shiurim available to the public. In the next couple of days, the thousands of hours that R’ Yoel spent teaching Chassidus to the yidden of Boro Park, will be ready for easy-access download— everywhere. 

Stay tuned…

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