Reb Yoel’s Legacy is Flourishing in Boro Park

Two years after the passing of Reb Yoel Kahn a”h, the Rebbe’s chozer and preeminent teacher of Chassidus, a new center for studying and spreading Chassidus in Boro Park is continuing the work he began.

By reporter

During his lifetime, Reb Yoel Kahn, the Rebbe‘s chief chozer, dedicated countless hours, indeed his entire life, to the study and spread of the wellsprings of Chassidus. Two years after his passing, his legacy is growing with a new center in Boro Park which bears his name.

The plan for ‘Beis Reb Yoel’ was first announced just weeks after his passing on 6 Av, 5781. Nearly two and a half million dollars were raised in a subsequent campaign, thanks to the generosity of Reb Yoel’s students and anash from around the globe.

As Reb Yoel second yahrzeit is marked on Monday, the new center is up and running, continuing to spread Chasssidus to the Yidden of Boro Park, as he did for many decades.

The impressive brand new 4,000 square foot, Beis Reb Yoel Center for Torah and Chassidus is a spacious and aesthetically pleasing center. Since it opened, the center has generated great excitement in the community and quickly became a hub of activity.

First and foremost among the center’s draws is the one-of-a-kind Heichel Halimud, filled with seforim of all areas in Nigleh and Chassidus. The Heichal also hosts multiple weekly shiurim and farbrengens for yemei depagra. In another section of the building is a popular seforim store that carries all Sifrei Chassidus Chabad, which are not available in other nearby locations. The center is also home to Heichel Menachem of Boro Park, who, among their myriad other projects, are the architects of the acclaimed Chassidus via Telephone and Chassidus Mevueres projects.

Open from 6:00 AM each morning until midnight, Heichel Menachem – Bais Reb Yoel draws serious lomdei Torah, rabbonim, maggidei shiur, businessmen, yungerleit and bochurim alike, its halls constantly filled with the sweet sound of Torah. On an average evening, one can find 50 Yidden immersed in this special atmosphere, which is especially conducive to in-depth learning.

A prominent roster of dedicated magidei shiurim and mashpi’im deliver shiurim in Chassidus and lead farbrengens at Beis Reb Yoel for large crowds of local Yidden. Delivering shiurim on a regular basis are Rabbi Leibel Altein, Rabbi Fishel Oster, Rabbi Berel Korf and Rabbi Shimon Dexter, along with a long list of distinguished guests who come on special occasions.

But the impact of Beis Reb Yoel isn’t only felt in Boro Park. One monumental achievement of Bais Reb Yoel is its central database, with thousands of hours of Reb Yoel’s recorded shiurim and farbrengens, as well as shiurim and farbrengens from various other renowned mashpi’im. For those who frequent the center, they can access shiurim in USB format. For them, and for anyone around the globe, the list of shiurim can be viewed on a catalog, which lists over 15,000 shiurim, and every one of those shiurim can be listened to on the ‘Chassidus via Telephone’ program.

And even with all the ongoing programs, a host of new projects are set to be launched in the near future. A kiosk loaded with all the above shiurim will soon be set up at Beis Reb Yoel, allowing all visitors to download all of them at no charge. An especially exciting development is the development of a new app to host all the shiurim for chassidim and Yidden around the world to enjoy.

The Heichal Halimud is also preparing to set up an Otzar Hachochma program for visitors in addition to their well-stocked library.

Another new and well-received project of Bais Reb Yoel is the monthly publication, ‘Siach Chassidim‘, which is printed and distributed to all Shuls in Boro Park, Crown Heights, and in various communities across the globe. It is also emailed to thousands of individual recipients.

“Reb Yoel dedicated his life to the Boro Park community for over 50 years, and stood at the helm of Heichel Menachem since its inception. Well into his later years, Reb Yoel painstakingly traveled, twice weekly, to Boro Park to deliver shiurim, imbuing his listeners with concepts of Achdus Hashem and of Ahavas Hashem,” Rabbi Yisroel Stern, administrator of Heichal Menachem told

“Chazal teach us that ‘kol hamelamed es ben chaveiro Torah, ma’ale alav hakasuv ki’ilu yoldo‘ – ne who teaches his friend’s son Torah, is considered as though it were his own son. The hundreds and thousands of students Reb Yoel taught, and who were profoundly influenced by the Rebbe’s Torah, can be called his children,” he said.

“Today, as we mark two years since his passing, we can confidently say that the physical edifice of Beis Reb Yoel is continuing that holy work, expanding the reach of Chassidus in ever-broadening venues,” he said.

The heads of Heichal Menachem – Beis Reb Yoel asked to use the opportunity to thank the many that helped them reach this point.

“We are filled with tremendous hakoras hatov to the Aibershter, and are immensely grateful to every donor who has participated in this extraordinary, living legacy for Reb Yoel.

“We extend our utmost appreciation to our key supporters, whose steady support and exceptional generosity have enabled the monumental vision of Beis Reb Yoel, to become a reality.

Reb Yisroel and Reb Yosef Zajac and family – who have dedicated the Cheder Halimud in memory of their father, Reb Meir Zajac a”h; a dear and longtime friend and supporter of Heichel Menachem.

Mr. George Rohr–  who has dedicated the Chassidus Mevueres Suite and the digital learning – download center.

Mr. Yitzchok Mirilswili

Reb Yitzchok Michaan

Mr. Yeshaya Boymelgreen

Mr. Yossi Popack– who has dedicated the spacious room where the Shiurim are held

Mr. Avi Shaulson

And many more הרוצים בעילום שמם

“May Hashem bless them with everything they need and with hatzlacha in all they do,” they said.

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