Reb Elimelech’s Composition That Became a Chabad Niggun

In Sefer Niggunin Chabad there is a niggun that was composed by the great Chassidic master Reb Elimelech from Lizhensk. Singer Avremi Lunger and child soloist Dudi Hershkop released a remake of the niggun in honor of Pesach.

In honor of the yahrzeit of great Chassidic master, R’ Elimelech of Lizhensk and the upcoming holiday of Pesach, Chassidic singer Avrumi Lunger released a Niggun Dveikus composed by R’ Elimelech.

This niggun is sung in a diverse range of Chassidic groups, including Toldos Aharon and others, and is even found in Sefer Niggunim Chabad.

To make the niggun even more special and touching, Lunger chose to add child soloist Dudi Hershkop, who is well-known for his beautiful singing and his sweet voice.


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