Reaching Out to Montana’s 5,000 Jews

Globetrotting journalist and vlogger Shloime Zionce joins Montana shliach Rabbi Chaim Bruk for a 2-day journey to learn all about Jewish life for the states’ 5,000 Jewish residents.

By reporter

Throughout the generations, the Jewish nation has been through every challenge imaginable, yet we still endured.

A new series produced by Meaningful Minute tells the story of “The Endurance of a Jew”, sharing a peek into the lives of Chabad shluchim and the past and present of the communities they serve.

In the first episode, Shloime met up with Rabbi Yisroel Kozlovsky who serves the Jewish community of Mumbai, India together with his wife Chaya, continuing the work of Rabbi Gabi and Rivky Holtzberg HY”D.

Now, Shloime returns for episode 2 with shliach Rabbi Chaim Bruk to learn about Jewish life in Montana, a U.S state the size of Germany with roughly 5,000 Jewish residents scattered across the state.

Click here to watch the full video on YouTube.

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