Raskin Family Continues Annual Tradition

For over 50 years, Reb Berl and – תבלחט״א – Mrs. Esther Raskin have been making their annual kiddush on leil Shmini Atzeres in their sukkah.

In 5747/1986, they were in doubt if they should make the kiddush that year since Mrs. Raskin’s father, R’ Yankel Lipsker, had passed away and they were in shnas ha’avelus.

The Rebbe said: Vos far ah ponim vet es hoben when Reb Yaakov will come down from gan eden into the sukkah and there will be empty tables and chairs.

Indeed they proceeded to make the kiddush.

On that note, the Raskin family invites you to this year’s kiddush – where we are sure our father, Reb Berel, ע״ה, will be joining us. The kiddush will take place on ליל שמע״צ, Sunday night, Right after Ma’ariv, at 395 Crown Street, between Brooklyn and New York Avenues.

Come say l’chaim tonight; and may we share only simchas, with the ultimate simcha of the coming of Moshiach!

—The Raskin Family

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