Rare Photo Collection Found in Archives of Harav Schwei

In the files of Harav Ahron Yaakov Schwei, a”h, a long-time member of the Crown Heights Beis Din, were a group of portraits of chassidim in the DP camps in Pocking, Paris, and Montreal. Can you help identify them?

By LubavitchArchives.com

Sometimes in unexpected places you find treasure troves.

In the files of Harav Ahron Yaakov Schwei, a”h, was a group of photos from the 1940s and early 1950s. The portraits from chassidim in the DP camps in Pocking, Germany, Paris, France, and Montreal, Quebec, were seemingly given as mementos from their time together during a difficult era.

Most of them are just 3″ x 2″, while others were just 1″ x 1″, but they’re a testament to the love between the Chassidim.

Some of them were marked with the names, while most were not. If you know who any of them are, please let us know.

01) R. Yisroel Nevler and Shmuel Moshe (Der Alter).
02) Sholom Ber Lieberov.
03) R. Pinchus Korf.
7) R. Yaakov Schwei.
16) R. Baruch Shalom Schwei.
18) R. Zalman Serebryanski.
19) R. Moshe Yitzchok Gurkov.
20) R. Zalman Butman.
23) R. Peretz Feigenson.

With special appreciation to the Schwei family for permitting us to scan the photos. To assist in future scanning projects to document Chabad history, please do so here: https://cash.app/$HasidicArchives

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    1. kenira from when he was in Montreal after he got married, as he was never in poking or France etc (his family left Russia to EY in the tzadiks)

  1. I believe 12 is either Zalman or Ephraim Shmukler, and 25 is Sholom Morozov, but I may be wrong.

  2. I Believe the Yid Reb Moshe who is standing with R’ Yisroel Nevler (R’ Moshe), was the Rashag’s shvoger (b’zivug sheini he married Rashag’s sister). [the more known shvoger of rashag is r’ haim yosef rosenblum of tel aviv]

  3. 4) Zalmen Marasow
    5) Yaakov Yeshie Laufer
    6) Yisroel Shemtov
    8) Berl Dubravski
    9) Heishke Dubrowsky
    10) Yaacov Boruch Gansburg
    11) Kopel Bacher
    12) Efraim Schmukler
    13) Ahron Yaacov Schwei
    17) Ahron Yaacov Schwei
    19) Shmuel Dovid Gurkov
    20 ) Zalman Butman
    21) Velvel Intrater
    22) Chaim Yisroel Sperlin
    24) Boruch Sholom Schwei
    25) Zalmen Marasow

  4. Sorry if I am repeating
    4) Marozov
    5) Keselman
    6) Shemtov
    11) Bochur who learned in Montreal and close w Rabbbi Schvei
    From South Africa Koppel Bachel
    12) Shmukler
    12) Schevei
    17) Shemtov
    21) Gansburg
    25) Marozov

  5. Number 15 is my shver, Moshe Nemanow A”H. If you want the entire family picture, I could email it to you.

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