Rare Audio of the Frierdiker Rebbe Released in English

The only known recording of the Frierdiker Rebbe from Yud Beis Tammuz 5709 (1949) has been written up for the first time in English.

The only known recording of the Frierdiker Rebbe from Yud Beis Tammuz 5709 (1949) has been written up for the first time in English.

In the last several years of the Frierdiker Rebbe’s life, he was wheelchair-bound and extremely unwell.
It was exhausting and physically painful for him to speak then, his speech grew unclear and became heavily slurred, and his words were nearly impossible to make out and decipher (other than to the trained ears of his personal secretaries).

During this time, one of the Frierdiker Rebbe’s doctors asked him, “How could G-d afflict you so and rob you of your speech of all things, when you are the Rebbe, who must teach and spread Chassidus, and who therefore requires not only an average capacity for speech, but an exceptional above-average capacity for verbal communication!”

The Frierdiker Rebbe did not reply.

But despite his suffering and the difficulties involved, G-d provided him the strength to produce copious amounts of Sichos, letters, and Maamarim in his final years.


On 3 Shevat, 1992—a little more than a month before himself suffering a major stroke and all but losing his capacity for speech (27 Adar I, 1992)—the Rebbe shared a most remarkable thing with the Chassidim:

When G-d appeared to Moses at the burning bush and informed him that it was his destiny to lead the Jewish people free from exile, Moses responded, “I am utterly incapable of filling such a role as I am not a man of words. I am heavy of tongue and heavy of mouth (I stutter and slur, and cannot express myself properly).”

To which G-d replied,
A) I will fill your mouth, speaking and working through you, allowing you to find your voice and hit upon the proper words with which to fully articulate yourself.
B) Aaron your brother will serve as your spokesperson and mouthpiece, addressing the people and communicating to the masses on your behalf.

The Rebbe then said that like Moses, the Frierdiker Rebbe was “heavy of mouth and heavy of tongue.”
כבד פה וכבד לשון.

The Rebbe then explained that just as G-d appointed Aaron to serve as the mouthpiece of Moses to carry his messages to the masses, Hashem took the Rebbe’s speech, intending that we would serve as the Rebbe’s spokespersons and Aarons, carrying his message and Torah far and wide.
(Sefer Hasichos, 5752, pp. 292-293)


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  1. To be clear: the Rebbe was referring to the Freidiker Rebbe only and not himself.
    The rebbe says in that same Sicha quoted that “unlike this generation” the 9th generation, where we can receive the highest divine revelations without the leader leading to access to bring us down more light.

    1. The Rebbe was referring to himself.

      And the Rebbe is leading us now.
      We have the huge zchus and responsibility to speak the besuras hageulah to whomever we are able. We are the spokespeople of the Rebbe.

      1. מזה מובן החידוש דדורנו – הדור התשיעי לגבי כל הדורות שלפני זה, עד גם הדור שלפנ”ז (דור השמיני): מכיון שהגאולה לא באה אז בפועל, ה”בא אל פרעה” (הגילוי ד”אתפריעו כל נהורין” למטה) לא הי’ בתכלית השלימות כנשמה בגוף בריא (היתה הסתלקות הנשמה מן הגוף, וגם הנשמה בגוף היתה במצב ש”הדיבור הוא בגלות” וכו’); משא”כ בדורנו זה – הדור האחרון לגלות והדור הראשון לגאולה – נעשה תומ”י “נתלו המאורות”, שלא זו בלבד שלא חסר ח”ו במאורות הגדולים דגילוי תושב”כ ותושבע”פ , אלא אדרבה – נוספת בזה שלימות נעלית יותר [לא באופן ד”כבד פה מאורייתא שבע”פ וכבד לשון מאורייתא שבכתב”, להיותו למעלה מזה], באופן שכנשמות בגופים מקבלים בפנימיות “אתפריעו כל נהורין” ש”נתלו” עתה, עי”ז שתיכף מגיע משיח צדקנו, “שלח נא ביד תשלח”, וילמד תורה את כל העם כולו , עד “תורה חדשה מאתי תצא” ,

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