Rambam He’aruch Series on Verge of Completion  

The 20-year project of the Rambam He’aruch set, authored by Rabbi Yaakov Bluming, is finally reaching fruition, with the hot-off-the-press release of Sefer Mishpatim, with Shoftim to follow in several weeks.

Rambam learners worldwide are feeling a sense of elation with the imminent completion of the 20-year project of the full Rambam He’aruch set, authored by Rabbi Yaakov Bluming. 

Rambam He’aruch has garnered praise from the maggidei shiur who use it to prepare their daily Rambam shiur, and is lauded by the many lomdei Rambam who use it and marvel over it.

After many years, b’chasdei Hashem, this masterpiece is finally reaching fruition, with the hot-off-the press Sefer Mishpatim, and Shoftim to follow in several weeks, in time for the Rambam Yomi schedule.

The current two volumes of Mishpatim and Shoftim have been sponsored by gracious individuals who were impressed by its clarity and value. “Learning the Rambam one day, wherever there was an issue that needed clarity, it was right there for me on the page. I immediately recognized that this is the Sefer that needs to become a staple for Rambam learning”, says one sponsor.

Rabbi Moshe Walberg, who gives a daily popular Rambam podcast shiur, enthuses, “this Rambam is a necessity in preparing a shiur. It is an authoritative guide that I can rely on, without having to pour through many Seforim until a pathway is found to understanding the “mehalech” that is being said by the Rambam in a particular Halacha. Thank you for having shared the notes of the yet unpublished Seforim with me, it is an enormous help for me”.

Rabbi Zirkus who gives a Rambam shiur on the radio in Israel, also asked for the pre-print drafts of the Rambam, sharing with the editors: “Of all the Seforim out there explaining the daily Rambam, this one is the best and of highest quality. It is the only Sefer I need to prepare my daily shiur. It brings concise clear commentary, together with importantly needed lomdus wherever necessary; and is all presented with amazing clarity. It is a true masterpiece that is reliable and concise”.

Noted Mashpia and Author, Rabbi Leibel Altein also expresses the irreplaceable aspect of this Sefer, saying that any question he has on the  Rambam, is always addressed in the Rambam He’aruch. 

Rabbi Levi Weinberg, acclaimed author of “Lessons in Tanya”, expresses the geshmak that Rambam He’aruch affords in learning the previously somewhat daunting Rambam. 

“Aside from the clarity, I find the cleverly chosen commentary brings the cream of the crop on the Rambam in every Halacha. Owning this set is truly a treasure on Kol HaTorah Kulo, in short and at your fingertips. There is no extra word here, while maintaining the high standard and reliability, masterfully woven together in this great work.” 

Click here to purchase/order the newly released volume. 

Great for your everyday use, for your shul and home library and gifts for your family and friends. Join the Rambam He’aruch users and begin learning Rambam with a geshmak!

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