Rachmastrivka Rebbe Joins Crown Heights Wedding

The Rachmastrivka Rebbe of Eretz Yisroel joined the Crown Heights wedding of his great-nephew, grandson of his brother Rabbi Nachaman Yosef Twersky, on Wednesday night.

By Anash.org reporter

The Crown Heights wedding of Yochanon Twersky of Chicago, Illinois and Chaya Silver of Boro Park on Wednesday night took on a different look and feel with the arrival of the Rachmastrivka Rebbe to join the celebration.

The wedding, held Wednesday night in Razag hall, started off as regular, with the chupa at 770 and joyous dancing in the hall. Toward the end of the celebration, the wedding was joined by the Rachmastrivka Rebbe and his entourage.

The grandfather of the chosson is Rabbi Nachman Yosef Twersky, son of the previous Rachmastrivka Rebbe of Eretz Yisroel, and younger brother of the current Rachmastrivka Rebbe. Already in New York due to the passing of his uncle, the Rachmastrivka Rebbe of Boro Park, this past week, the Rachmastrivka Rebbe traveled to Crown Heights to join the wedding.

As he entered, the band changed from the typical Lubavitcher niggunim to a medley of niggunin from other chassidim, and the Rachmastrivka Rebbe danced first with the chosson, then with his brother and then with the extended family.

The two brothers, the chosson, and the mechtanim then sat by the head table, where they wished l’chaim to each other and the Rachmastrivka Rebbe led the sheva brachos following benching. They then joined in the singing of hartzige niggunim in unison.

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  1. הרבי נולד בי”ג חשון תשי”ג, ורבי נחמן יוסף נולד בכ”ט אדר ראשון תשי”ד.
    עכשיו כל אחד יכול לעשות לבד את החשבון המסובך ולהסיק את מסקנתו, מי מהם מבוגר יותר.

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