Rabbonim Inaugurate New SafeTech Office in Crown Heights

Rabbonim and local residents attended the grand opening of the new SafeTech center in Crown Heights, expressing their satisfaction that at last such a service would be locally available to serve the community.

After years of successful activities in our Crown Heights community, Safe Tech is opening a new permanent office that will serve as a neighborhood center and hub for safe technology and related matters. The renovated office is located at 399 Kingston Avenue at the back of the legendary Flash store.

The new office will have an expanded schedule:
Sunday, Wednesday – 2-6 PM
Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday – 4-8 PM

◦ Drop-off Service including all hours when Flash is open. Leave your phone and contact information and our technician will call you to have your filter installed
◦ Education Center
◦ School and group service
◦ Full line of kosher phones

For more information and to discuss opportunities to become a paid
technician, please email: [email protected]


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