Rabbi Yudi Dukes’ Mission Continues With New JNet Platform

JNet launched a new cutting-edge platform, with an AI matching system and more, ahead of the 2nd yahrzeit of Rabbi Yudi Dukes on Monday, as a tribute to his lifelong mission of connecting people to Torah.

JNet, the Jewish Learning Network, launched a new tech platform as part of the “Yudi’s Legacy” project in honor of Rabbi Yehudah “Yudi” Dukes, who passed away two years ago on Ches Shevat. The platform, known as ‘Yudi’s Legacy Platform,’ provides an easy-access online portal for JNet students to schedule learning sessions, an AI matching system to pair Chavrusahs, and the ability to host online study sessions. The platform harnesses cutting-edge technology provided by Merkos 302’s tech division to increase engagement with the Jewish Learning Network experience and share the gift of a Chavrusah with more people.

The ‘Yudi’s Legacy Platform’ features a variety of tools that will enhance the learning experience for students. These include a calendar for scheduling learning sessions, a messaging system for communication with study partners, and a unique group study feature. The platform will also include a feedback system that will allow students to receive constructive feedback from their study partners.

One of the key features of the platform is its completely automated sign-up process, which includes an AI matching system that matches up study partners based on their desired learning topics, learning styles, background knowledge, scheduling, and more. This system ensures that students are paired with highly compatible Chavrusahs for optimal learning. The platform also includes automated email notifications that remind students of their upcoming study sessions and a customer service feature that allows students to reach out to JNet staff for assistance.

Rabbi Mendel Groner, the director of JNet, explained. “Yudi’s entire life mission was to bring people closer to Torah. He knew that introducing someone to a weekly chavrusa would bring them fulfillment for the rest of their lives. JNet was his passion, and we hope that this platform will bring his neshama a lot of comfort as we improve the chavrusa learning experience and bring students closer to Torah.”

As a way to incentivize active use of the platform, JNet is also launching a rewards system for active users. This system will award gifts to students who use the platform regularly and engage in learning activities.

In the spirit of the Hakhel year, JNet has also created a community feature on the platform where students can host live group study events and discussions on different Torah topics and texts. 

“The passing of Rabbi Yehudah Dukes was a loss not only to his family and JNet, but to the global Jewish community,” said Rabbi Moshe Kotlarsky, Vice Chairman of Merkos L’Inyonei Chinuch. “He was a true visionary who devoted his life to bringing the Rebbe’s vision of connecting people to Torah and Jewish learning to fruition. We are honored to carry on his legacy by launching the ‘Yudi’s Legacy Platform’ and other projects to carry on his holy work and help more Yidden discover their connection to Yiddishkeit.”

The platform, which is now available ahead of Rabbi Dukes’ second yahrzeit on Monday Ches Shevat, January 30th, is open to students from all over the world. JNet invites everyone to join the platform, take advantage of its incredible features, connect with a chavrusa, and begin their learning journey.

To kickstart this effort, JNet is launching a month-long OneMitzvah campaign encouraging people to volunteer with JNet to study with a Chavrusah. Visit onemitzvah.org/jnet to help bring Torah to someone’s life today.

Visit https://www.jnet.org/login and use Yudi’s Legacy Platform to connect with your Chavrusah today. 

For more information or sponsorship opportunities, click here to message Merkos 302 on Whatsapp.

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