Rabbi Yitzi’s Tishrei Inspiration for Your Home or Shul

A new printable booklet contains a selection of Rabbi Yitzi Hurwitz’s Divrei Torah for the Tishrei Yomim Tovim. Download here on Anash.org, print them for your home and shul, read and enjoy!

A new printable booklet contains a selection of Rabbi Yitzi Hurwitz‘s Divrei Torah for the Tishrei Yomim Tovim, and friends are asking for the booklet to be printed for shuls and homes around the world.

Tall and trim, with broad shoulders and a wide smile, Yitzy Hurwitz, a 42 year-old Chabad rabbi, was nursing big plans for his community in Temecula when he began having trouble speaking. It took months of tests to rule out other possibilities before a diagnosis of ALS was confirmed. Also known as Lou Gherig’s disease, ALS is a progressive neurodegenerative disease that affects nerve cells in the brain and the spinal cord.

Keeping positive in the face of his diagnosis is a test of faith, Yitzy said. “I have always taught others that everything G-d does is for the good although we don’t always see it openly. So now, when this happened to me, I have to live with this same belief and deepen my faith, so that it is not just a matter of words.”

Rabbi Hurwitz the tzadik has been suffering with ALS for years. Despite his limitations, Yitzi continues to spread Torah in the form of messages typed by his specialized computer, controlled by his eyes. Thousands read the Divrei Torah, and are inspired by the messages of hope and courage within.

A new booklet contains a selection of Rabbi Yitzi’s messages from the month of Tishrei in previous years, and is being made available for download and printing.

“This is a booklet I prepared for Tishrei, I wanted to make it available to you and to your communities as you see fit. If you are going to print it I suggest printing it in black and white and in booklet form. Enjoy,” Rabbi Yitzi wrote.

He also thanked MMK for his help making the booklets. 

Click here to download Rabbi Yitzi’s Dvar Torahs for Tishrei.

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