Rabbi Wagner Joins Toronto Yeshiva Celebrations From Afar

Toronto Zal and Mesivta joined together for a joyous melave malka celebrating Tes Vov Elul, followed the next day by a special learning program and a long-distance farbrengen with Rosh Yeshiva Rabbi Akiva Wagner.

In honor of Tes-Vov Elul, the 125th Anniversary of Tomchei Temimim, a grand Melaveh Malkah was held, also welcoming the bochrim and shluchim.

Already before the event began, in fact – immediately after havdalah, the zal erupted in spontaneous dancing unique to the yeshiva, with the mesivta joining in as well.

As the event began, menahel Rabbi Leibel Ceitlin gave the opening speech, relating the importance of the day, and the commitment demanded of a bachur to continue the chain of honor carried by one lucky enough to be a Tomim.

The mashpi’im and maggidei shiurim shared stories and thoughts, on the specialty of being a tomim, the importance of learning Torah, and some insights on the famous Sichah, “kol hayotzei l’milchemes beis dovid kosev get krisos l’ishto” tying it to maseches Gittin studied by the yeshivos this year.

Notable amongst the speakers was Mr. Howard Katz, who shared how much the Yeshivah has impacted him, attributing his many successes in Torah learning and community involvement to the chavrusa’shafts he started with the bochurim of the yeshivah from its conception 25 years ago and on.

Mid-afternoon of this special day, a unique initiative was launched as a hachanah to the upcoming Shnas Hakhel. Spearheaded by the shluchei kodesh, a grand seder limud took place with mesivta and zal bochurim coming together to learn a collection of sichos of the Rebbe on the topic of Hakhel, put together by “Matteh Hakhel Toronto – Mei’ah VaEsrim Shanah.”

With the day not yet over, what would a yoma d’pagra in Toronto be without a farbrengen from our dear Rosh Yeshivah Rabbi Akiva Wagner (may he live long and healthy years!). And so, a zoom farbrengen was arranged as Rabbi Wagner shared stories, Mesholim and Sichos that can lead each bochur to appreciate his great zechus of being a tomim.

The day concluded with around-the-table farbrengens with the mashpi’im, in a true spirit of Tomchei Timimim.

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