Rabbi Sholom Zirkind To Host New Moshiach-Themed Podcast  

A new podcast series journeys through fundamental Moshiach teachings based on classic and contemporary Torah sources. Listeners will gain a broader knowledge, understanding, and appreciation for this cornerstone of Yiddishkeit.

Since its inception two years ago, The Moshiach Office has been focused on bringing Moshiach education to the hearts and minds of the Jewish nation. With curriculums carefully curated for children and shared with schools across the world, gatherings and farbrengens arranged for men, women, and children, as well as sophisticated learning material and “in-a-box” programs geared for adults, their goal of bringing Moshiach to the forefront of people’s lives is slowly becoming a reality. 

One of the office’s most popular initiatives is the Tut Altz Podcast Network. In the fast-paced world that we’re living in, combing through the vast array of Jewish literature to find what to study can be difficult for many people. For those looking to effortlessly add Torah to their day, the Tut Altz podcast brings hand-selected material from a variety of sources straight to the listener, all Moshiach-oriented, of course. From full-length shiurim to farbrengens and a two-minute daily Moshiach boost, the Tut Altz podcast hopes to cater to today’s Jewish community’s various needs and preferences. 

And now, The Moshiach Office is excited to welcome Rabbi Sholom Zirkind to the Tut Altz podcast family. “Rabbi Sholom Zirkind is a well-respected educator, author, and researcher; an expert on Inyonei Moshiach u’Geulah, and we are thrilled to have him join the podcast network,” says Rabbi Shlomie Naparstek, co-director of The Moshiach Office at Merkos 302. “It is only through understanding its core concepts that we can begin to internalize what it means to live Geulah, and that is what Rabbi Zirkind’s podcast, Classic Take, is all about.”

Twelve years ago, when Rabbi Zirkind began learning and studying about Moshiach, he quickly realized that often, what is commonly known about Moshiach, barely begins to scratch the surface. The vast amount of explanations and discussions found in sefarim, ranging from the Gemara and Midrash to the Rambam, Abarbanel, Maharal, Ben Ish Chai, and others, as well as our Rebbeim and other Chassidic leaders, is extensive and profound. Recognizing the lack of adequately researched and well-written information on foundational Moshiach concepts propelled Rabbi Zirkind to continue studying, writing, and giving in-depth shiurim on Moshiach topics.

Three years ago, in conjunction with Chayenu, Rabbi Zirkind started the comprehensive Geulah curriculum that is now Chayenu’s featured Geulah section. Unlike many Geulah learning initiatives, this section provides a comprehensive lesson on a Moshiach concept rather than just a thought or anecdote. Filled with fascinating information, Moshiach concepts are clearly explained and made relevant to our day-to-day lives. “It’s empowering,” shares a Chayenu subscriber.

“The Rebbe wanted us to ‘koch’ in Moshiach, and bring the Geulah through learning about Moshiach,” explains Rabbi Zirkind.“At times, our Moshiach education is pretty rudimentary, so we don’t even realize what we don’t know. It’s vital for us to really understand Moshiach so we can internalize it, each in our own unique way.”

This is the goal of the new podcast, Classic Take. In weekly 20-minute sessions, each episode will delve into a different Moshiach topic—its sources, rabbinic elucidation, and current relevance. Unique to the Tut Altz podcast network, the series will cover a wide range of topics and is filled with compelling and intriguing questions such as; Is there a rational way of understanding Moshiach? Can we intellectually “prove” that Moshiach will come? Is exile a punishment? Have our prayers for Moshiach over thousands of years gone unanswered? If the yetzer hara disappears when Moshiach comes, does that mean our personalities will change? Who will actually be resurrected by techiyas hameisim? What does it mean that ‘Moshiach is indispensable to Judaism’? And what exactly does our obligation to believe in Moshiach entail? 

Many have these questions or don’t really ‘get’ Moshiach. The Jewish people may hope for Moshiach and know to eagerly anticipate his arrival, but we may not truly grasp what that means. Classic Take will enhance our understanding and connection to this cornerstone of our faith.

Classic Take will be airing on Tuesdays and can be found on all podcast platforms.

To get the podcast directly to your WhatsApp, subscribe at tutaltz.com/broadcast.

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