Rabbi Sholom Baras Appointed Principal of Cheder at the Ohel

Veteran educator Rabbi Sholom Baras was appointed as the principal of Cheder at the Ohel, which serves children from across New York and Connecticut. He says his goal is to make the Cheder “a place where chassidim are formed”.

By Anash.org reporter

The administration of Cheder at the Ohel recently announced that distinguished Rabbi Sholom Baras will be joining the school, taking on the role of principal for the upcoming 5782 school year.

Cheder at the Ohel was founded in 5756 by R’ Menachem Mendel Shemtov, a”h with a small group of students, in proximity to the Rebbe’s Ohel in Cambria Heights. Today, the Cheder, located in Valley Stream, New York, boasts over 70 children hailing from Crown Heights, Long Island, Five Towns, Connecticut, and other nearby locations.

“Over the 25 years since the Cheder was founded, it has become renowned for its unique balance of academic excellence, special programming, events, and a warm chassidishe environment,” the administration said. “Our small class sizes and individualized attention allows for each child to reach his highest potential.”

After an extensive search, the administration has chosen Rabbi Baras to serve as the principal and oversee the school’s continued growth. “We are overjoyed to have the honor of having Rabbi Baras, who is beloved by all, join our Cheder,” says parent and director Mrs. Henny Preger. “Rabbi Baras comes with decades of teaching experience, having taught and served in numerous chinuch roles.”

“I am honored to serve as principal of the Cheder at the Ohel, and I am looking forward to the new school year, which begins in the coming days,” Rabbi Baras told Anash.org. “I aim to help the school continue to flourish, making a place where true chassidim are formed.”

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