Rabbi Shmuel Lew Explains: “What Is Hei Teves?”

As the day of Hei Teves swiftly approaches, the yearly question arises, “What is Hei Teves?” 

On Hei Teves, we celebrate the victory of Agudas Chassidei Chabad in the trial over the Seforim from the Rebbe’s library, but a deeper examination of the Rebbe’s Sichos and approach to the entire story makes it clear that the significance carried in this episode was much more than met the eye.

One significant point, especially for Chassidimt today, that the Rebbe introduced and spoke very strongly about during that period was the concept of Nitzchiyus Hanesius. The Rebbe explained that the Nesius of the [Frierdiker] Rebbe grows stronger and stronger, even years after his Histalkus, and never fades. Those powerful Sichos from early on when the story became public, have only become more true and comforting during this time. 

Being that the idea of the Rebbe living on in this world with all of us Chassidim, was first introduced and discussed in connection with the Seforim story, therefore, this Yomtov is especially relevant and empowering today, and gives us the energy to continue strengthening our Hiskashrus to the Rebbe.

In the second video of a new series from Vaad Or Vechom Hahiskashrus to help Chassidim prepare and celebrate the day of Hei Teves through exploring the story of the trial and the timeless lessons we can learn from it, Rabbi Shmuel Lew describes the specialness of Hei Teves, suggesting that it is, “The Yomtov that gives the power to all the other Yomim Tovim of Dor Hashvi’i” and a day that “gives us the power to be able to attach ourselves to the Rebbe and his teachings.”

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Preparing for Hei Teves (2): Rabbi Shmuel Lew:

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