Rabbi Shlomo Sternberg to Lead Chovevei’s Tomchei Tmimim Division

The Tomchei Temimim division of Chovevei Torah announced that Rabbi Shlomo Sternberg will be the new menahel, starting next school year 5782, replacing Rabbi Mendel Blau, who will be transferring to Oholei Torah.

The Tomchei Temimim division of Chovevei Torah announced that Rabbi Shlomo Sternberg will be the new menahel, starting next school year 5782.

Rabbi Sternberg is a veteran, world renowned Mashpia and educator, with over twenty years of experience in understanding, teaching and guiding talmidim towards higher standards. He is a gifted orator and presenter, and his educational advice is seeked by Bochurim, parents, teachers and principals around the world.

Under Rabbi Sternberg’s leadership, Tomchei Tmimim will start a new chapter as the premier choice for a Chassidisher Bochur. He will carefully select a group of Chassidishe bochurim that are looking for a complete and uncompromised Tomchei Temimim experience, and are serious about growing in their learning, Davening and Chasidishe behavior.

Tomchei Temimim has the ability to be selective, without excluding any Talmud, thanks to its Achei Tmimim branch that accommodates Bochurim that appreciate a more flexible setting. Each division has the space and structure to better focus on its mission and goals. The two divisions are completely separate, with different schedules, dorms, staff, Beis Medrash, facilities and faculty.

The talmidim at Tomechei Temimim will have the advantage of being part of a carefully curated Chassidishe group. The Yeshiva will be capped at 80 Talmidim and will be joined by an excellent group of Talmidim Hashluchim.

The talmidim from Shiur Daled will receive choice Shlichus opportunities.

Rabbi Sternberg will now take Tomchei Tmimim to the next level, making it a Yeshiva of choice for a bochur that wants a high standard, close-knit Chassidishe zal.`

The Bochurim will benefit to learn and grow from the Rosh Yeshiva, Rabbi Zushe Winner, the scholarly leadership of Rabbi Yisroel Labkowsky and the smooth structure implemented by the S’gan Menahel Rabbi Chaim Polter, together with Rabbi Baras and Rabbi Lipsker.

An additional mashpia, who will guide these bochurim skilfully, will be announced soon.

A limited amount of major scholarships available for מצויינים תלמידים .Register today while space and scholarships are still available.

Rabbi Mendel Blau will remain available to supervise and support the Menahlim in navigating the critical needs of the Yeshiva, and will remain on the Vaad Hanholo Keloli of Chovevei Torah.

Apply here: www.TomcheiYeshiva.com

Rabbi Sternberg can be reached at [email protected]

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