Rabbi Shea Hecht Endorses Lee Zeldin for Governor

Rabbi Shea Hecht, a foremost Chabad activist and the Chairman of the NCFJE, endorsed Congressman Lee Zeldin for New York Governor, saying he is the “right candidate” for public safety and Yeshiva education.

Rabbi Shea Hecht, a foremost Chabad activist and the Chairman of the NCFJE, met on Friday, October 21st with Max Coen and Yitzchok Rimler of the Crown Heights Republican Committee to go over the Crown Heights Republican Committee’s endorsement of Congressman Lee Zeldin for Governor of New York. 

Following the meeting, he gave his own endorsement to Zeldin, stating:

”As the Chairman of NCFJE, and as someone whose family has long been involved in political races, can choose no candidate other than Lee Zeldin. As I told him in our first meeting, that comes November 8th, I am casting my ballot for him”. 

He further went on to say that “there are two primary issues that affect us on a daily basis, public safety and Yeshiva education, and Lee Zeldin is the right candidate for both those issues.”

“Rabbi Hecht has long been involved in political affairs in Crown Heights, and this endorsement comes along with a surge in the polls for Zeldin making the race an official “toss up”,” Max Coen noted.

To find your voting site visit VOTE.NYC 

For his full official endorsement see below.  

*Disclaimer: Rabbi Shea Hecht’s Endorsement is as an individual citizen, and not on behalf of the NCFJE

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