Rabbi Refael Lapidus, 69, AH

Rabbi Refael Lapidus, longtime shliach to Buenos Aires, Argentina, whom Reb Meilech Zweibel described as someone who fulfilled the “kavana of Tomchei Tmimim”, passed away.

By Anash.org reporter

Rabbi Refael Lapidus, longtime shliach to Buenos Aires, Argentina, passed away.

He was 69 years old.

The famed mashpia Reb Meilech Zweibel described Refael as someone who fulfilled the “kavana of Tomchei Tmimim.”

For decades, he served as the shliach and head of the ‘Iarjo Jabad Lavalle’ shul and Chabad House in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Rabbi Rafa, as he was affectionately known, was a person who shown with the light of Torah and chassidishkeit, family and friends remember. People enjoyed having him around as he always brought a joyous atmosphere.

He directed the Beit Chabad Dr Iarjo, in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He ran all the many daily activities, as well as the Shabbos and Yom Tov programs. His Chabad House also housed a dormitory for Jewish students who study at universities in the area, and many of the students built a connection to Yiddisheit through their stay. It also housed a mikvah, a keilim mikvah and many more activities, all which he managed with full dedication.

Rabbi Rafa was also involved in business, after receiving a hora’a from the Rebbe to do so. But even while he was working, it was perfectly clear that he was doing so as a genuine chassidishe Yid.

“It was incredible to see how, 24 hours a day, Torah and mitvzos were his focus,” one of his nephews told Anash.org. “He had the ability to transmit the deepest secrets of Torah with a simplicity, allowing his listeners and students to understand them.”

It was very common to find Rabbi Rafa sitting at a table in his shul patiently listening to questions from people who came to him for advice on all kinds of issues, both Jewish and work-related. He always delivered the answer with a smile and a tone that gave you the confidence that everything will be fine.

He dedicated much time to learning Torah, spending many hours learning the Alter Rebbe’s Tanya and Shulchan Aruch. Whenever he was learning, the pleasure was evident on his face. He could always be found with a sefer in his hands, be it a Chitas, Likkutei Sichos, or another book of Torah.

He is survived by his wife Mrs. Chaya Leah Lapidus and their children Chana Teitelbaum – Sherman Oaks, CA; Devorah Kozlovsky – Miami, FL; and R’ Sholom Lapidus – Buenos Aires, Argentina.

He is also survived by his siblings Rabbi Daniel Lapidus – Brooklyn, NY; Rabbi Yosef Lapidus – Long Island, NY; Rabbi Chaim Eliezer Lapidus – Buenos Aires, Argentina; Rabbi Reuven Lapidus – Buenos Aires, Argentina; Rabbi Issy Lapidus – Buenos Aires, Argentina; and Mrs. Ruty Weiss – Sherman Oaks, CA.

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