Rabbi Moskowitz’s Attacker Found Guilty on All Accounts

A jury found James Vincent guilty on all accounts on Wednesday for his brutal attack on R’ Menachem Moskowitz three years ago. “This is a victory for the whole community”, Mrs. Moskowitz told Anash.org.

By Anash.org reporter

A jury found James Vincent guilty on all accounts on Wednesday for his brutal attack on R’ Menachem Moskowitz  three years ago. 

Three and a half years, Crown Heights resident Rabbi Moskowitz, was severely beaten in an unprovoked attack while walking home from Shul on a Shabbos afternoon.

According to the investigation, on April 21, 2018, at approximately 1 p.m., Rabbi Moskowitz, was walking home from his shul after Shabbos davenig. He walked passed the defendant in the vicinity of Rutland Road and East 46th Street in East Flatbush, when the defendant allegedly yelled, “You [expletive] Jew, you Jews took my house and mortgage.” Rabbi Moscowitz continued walking.

The defendant then allegedly ran from behind the victim, placed his hands on his neck and applied pressure, the evidence shows. He then allegedly punched the victim in the head and body, put his arms around the victim’s head and applied pressure. Two bystanders intervened and the defendant continued to yell epithets regarding the victim’s religion as the victim picked up his yarmulke. The defendant then fled.

Moskowitz sustained a cracked rib along with a black eye, swelling, bruising, and scratches over his body.

His attacker, 40-year-old James Vincent, was charged with assault and strangulation in connection to the attack. After years of bureaucratic delays, he was finally brought to trial this week. Hundreds of supporters followed the proceedings live in a show of support.

Following his guilty verdict, the judge will hand down a sentence, which could be up to 25 years in prison.

“The verdict is a victory for the entire Crown Heights community,” Mrs. Moscowitz told Anash.org.

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