Rabbi Mendel Kaplan: “What Hei Teves Means To Us”

Hey Teves was a personal attack against the Rebbe. Find out how that pertains to you in this fascinating segment by Rabbi Mendel Kaplan.

On Hei Teves 5748, the Rebbe established Hei Teves as a Yomtov, referring to it as a “Yom Segulah and Eis Ratzon.” The joy of Chassidim on Hei Teves and the following days was unparalleled, as documented in the first installment of the preparation videos by Rabbi Yitzchok Wolf.

This tremendous outpouring of joy displayed by the Chassidim, stemmed from weeks and months of hearing Sichos about the trial and seeing the clear pain it caused the Rebbe.

When examining the Sichos and the entire story, it becomes evident that Hei Teves was centered around the Rebbe. The trial was a case against the Rebbe, and the verdict marked a victory for the Rebbe. From every way you look at the trial, it was about the Rebbe. This was what Chassidim celebrated then and this is what we must prepare for and celebrate today.

In the fourth installment of a new series from Vaad Or Vechom Hahiskashrus to help Chassidim prepare and celebrate the day of Hei Teves through exploring the story of the trial and the timeless lessons we can learn from it, Rabbi Mendel Kaplan shares his personal experience and perspective as a young Bochur during the period of the trial, and speaks about this point stating, “Hei Teves is the Rebbe’s Yomtov, Hei Teves is our Yomtov.”

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Preparing for Hei Teves (4): Rabbi Mendel Kaplan:

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