Rabbi Mangel Enthralls Crown Heights Educators

Close to 100 mechanchim gathered in Crown Heights to soak up inspiration and camaraderie at a Gimmel Tammuz farbrengen arranged by Lubavitch Chinuch organization Igud Hamelamdim. Addressing the mechanchim was renowned Rov and speaker Rabbi Nissen Mangel.

By Malky Weinstock

It has become a yearly highlight for many teachers: several times a year, mechanchim gather for an exclusive Mechanchim farbrengen in Crown Heights. The Mechanchim are invited to the farbrengen with beautifully printed invitations.

The evening, organized by Igud Hamelamdim, is an opportunity to recharge inspiration and connect with fellow educators in person and online as well, for out-of-town Mechanchim.

Close to 100 Mechanchim, as well as many more online participants, came together this Gimmel Tammuz in a spirit of achdus, to recharge and connect with fellow educators in the dynamic farbrengen. Due to the Gimme Tammuz timing, many out-of-town and overseas Mechanchim as well, were able to attend in-person.

At a fully catered melave malka, the Mechanchim heard words of inspiration from the world renowned inspirational Rav, Harav HaChossid, Reb Nissen Mangel.

Rabbi Mangel enthralled the crowd sharing insightful stories of the Rebbe throughout the years, and inspirational chinuch anecdotes in his unique manner of deliverance.

Amongst many other things, he shared this personal story of his encounter with the Rebbe: He had taken his then 3 year old son for Yechidus. The Rebbe prodded him to recite the parshios of Shema and V’ahavta, offering him a silver dollar for doing so. The little boy, tempted by the silver dollar, proceeded to recite, but neglected to cover his eyes by Shema. The Rebbe went on to address Rabbi Mangel the uniqueness of covering the eyes during Shema. However, before concluding, the Rebbe interrupted by saying, “When one promises a child something, one should not delay.” He thereupon handed the child the silver dollar.

Said Rabbi Mangel, “As we stand here on Gimmel Tammuz, I implore, ‘ Rebbe! You told us, your children, that the time of redemption is imminent! I remember the conviction which with you told me that when promising a child, one cannot delay! We are your children! We need Moshiach now!”

Rabbi Avrohom Bluming, director of Igud Hamelamdim is passionate about these Farbrengens. “We source and hire a broad range of renowned, high–impact mechanchim from far and near, to farbreng and share their expertise, chinuch methodology tools and secrets of influence, while simultaneously tapping into the theme of the day to inspire the teacher.”

Each Farbrengen delivers invaluable lessons to help teachers improve their hadracha and provides a surge of inspiration to warm and fuel their motivation until the next gathering. Thus, a Mechanchim Farbrengen has a two-fold effect, uplifting not only the Teachers, but through them, their students.

The Mechanchim left the Farbrengen deeply moved and inspired to end off the year in their classrooms on a high note.

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