Rabbi Heller Pays Tribute to Reb Yoel Kahn

Rabbi Yosef Heller penned an open letter to the community honoring the life and legacy of Reb Yoel Kahn. Original letter and free translation enclosed.

In a touching tribute to Reb Yoel Kahn, Harav Yosef Heller has penned a public letter containing recognition of the decades that Reb Yoel spent committed to Hafatzas HaMaayanos in an exemplary way that serves as an example for Chassidim everywhere. 

Reb Yoel spent the majority of his life transcribing Chassidus and teaching it in many different capacities. His students were inspired by his teachings and went out to become teachers, Shluchim and authors of many Sifrei Chassidus in their own right.

The letter takes a deeper look at Reb Yoel’s involvement in the activities of Heichel Menachem and the founding of the revolutionary Chassidus on the Telephone, where millions of people have called in to spend time learning Chassidus wherever they may be found. 

Now, Heichel Menachem, the moisad to which Reb Yoel dedicated many hours a week for nearly three decades, is building a Chassidus Center that will serve as a source of light and life in the heart of Boro Park, spreading to the entire world. 

The center will be named Bais Reb Yoel and will serve as a tribute to Reb Yoel’s devotion to Hafatzas Hamaayanos and to the activities of Heichel Menachem. 

You too can take part in the construction of this tremendous project by joining the Bais Reb Yoel Campaign.

For more information about Bais Reb Yoel and to join the campaign visit: www.baisrebyoel.com

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