Rabbi Gershon Sabol, 64, AH

By Anash.org reporter

With sadness, we regret to inform you of the passing of Rabbi Gershon Sabol of Monsey, on Sunday, 4 Nissan.

He was 64 years old and passed away from the coronavirus.

Gershon was raised by Rabbi JJ & (tblcht”a) Rebbetzin Chava Hecht.

He was a mentor to the Lubavitcher community in Monsey, NY, always having the time and patience to help a young person or parent in need.

Rabbi Sabol was the Executive Director of Yedei Chesed organization in Monsey, an organization that helps children with special needs. He was also on the board of directors of Yaldei Shluchei HaRebbe. These positions allowed him to be of assistance to so many families with children of special needs.

In the past, he worked as a director for the Ohel organization, as well as many years of service under Rabbi Leibel Kramer in the Montreal mosdos.

In recent days he had fallen ill, and today the name Chaim was added to his name.

He is survived by his wife Rochel and children: Levi – Pomona, NY, Rikky – Monsey, NY, Chanie – Crown Heights, Pinny, Yakov Yehuda, Shmuel and Mendel – Crown Heights.

He is also survived by his twin brother Dovid, Ellenville, NY.

Levaya and shiva information to be announced.

Baruch Dayan Ha’emes.

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