Rabbi Eliyahu Cohen, 79, AH

Rabbi Eliyahu Cohen, a renowned Talmid Chochom and professor of mathematics in Montreal, Canada passed away on 5 Shevat, 5781. Levaya zoom link inside.

By Anash.org reporter

Rabbi Eliyahu Cohen, a prominent member of the Chabad community in Montreal and professor of mathematics at Concordia University passed away on 5 Shevat, 5781.

He was 79 years old.

Rabbi Cohen was a renowned Talmid Chochom who was known for always having a sefer nearby. He was constantly learning or saying Tehillim, not wanting to waste a moment of his time.

At the Rebbe’s directive, Rabbi Cohen would deliver shiurim to local yidden, he was especially gifted at explaining deep concepts in Chassidus to the uninitiated.

Rabbi Cohen also served as an Associate Professor of Mathematics and Statistics at Concordia University.

He is survived by his wife Mrs. Rochel Cohen, and children Rabbi Mendy Cohen – Sacramento, CA, Rabbi Yosef Yitzchak Cohen – Chicago, IL, Rabbi Sholom Ber Cohen – Montreal, Canada, Mrs. Nechamie Brod – Stockton, California, Mrs. Esther Teichtel – Nashville, TN, Rabbi Shmuel Cohen – Montreal, Canada, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren.

Shiva information will be added when available.

Baruch Dayan Haemes.

Nichum Avelim

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  1. Barouch Dayan AEmet
    Rabbi Cohen was a very special man!
    So humble! Always having a good word and making everyone feel good!
    He had a good sense of humour and often during shiourims make us laugh!
    I always remember him on the street with a Tehillim in his hand reading as he was walking!
    What a great Hassid of the Rebbe!
    May He Rest In Peace and May Hashem console his family!!

  2. BDE. The fact that he left such a special family of chasidim and talmidei chachomim, shows that he was a truly great man.

  3. BDE
    For years he would come to my house and give a shiour to women , was very respected , my dad would attend at times, was never wanting a drive back home unless it was a man , such a Tzaddik, so humble we really lost , the whole community a pure Neshama , May he have a Alia
    Always wished he would make that trip to israel , May He Always be Remembered a True Tzaddik

  4. As one who visited Montreal a few times, I saw him around a few times and he made a very big impression
    I remember coming into shul 9:30 shabbos morning and seeing him learning Lekutei Torah in french with a few baalei batim teaching very animatedly but with a simplicity (so it seemed to me watching from the side as I don’t understand french

    Yehi zichro boruch

  5. Boruch dayan Ha-Emet! This giant of a man, so wise in all areas of the Torah and lehavdil secular science was a living role model of extreme humility! When I was sent as a bochur on shlichus to montreal after being a talmid shliach in Morocco, in 1985, we had a weekly Tzivos Hashem floor hockey torah club where they would play for an hour and learn in french for a half hour Torah topics and this great Gaon would take from his busy schedule and learn with the children week after week! If this is the Rebbe’s will than nothing was “beneath him”!
    תנצב״ה!!! והקיצו ורננו שוכני עפר והוא בתוכם! אמן!

  6. We had the enormous zekhout to have him come over for a shiour for a long while BH, it was a grand pleasure for all of us to listen to him. We were anxious when Tuesdays came along. He would never take anything else but a glass of water which I had to beg him to have. He wanted to owe nothing, ask for nothing, even help from anyone. He was the most optimistic & positive person I know. He thought me a lot from his midot, his tsidkoute, his dedication. Nothing would stop him. I was in awe of him. Always saying ” demain sera encore meilleur” ” tomorrow will be even greater”. I was soooooo happy when he made it back from hospital a few months ago. HE IS AN EXAMPLE OF A YID. I consider R. Cohen z”l the ultimate man as Hashem wanted in the first place at the creation…Flawless !!
    I definitely will miss him & his presence greatly. To his family: Hamakom yerahem halekhem…

  7. I am so sorry to hear this. He was my professor at Concordia and now I teach Mathematics at Vanier and sometimes I use his jokes and my students laugh. Great professor. Rest In Peace.

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