Rabbi Dov Greenberg to Host ‘Unfazed’ Gimmel Tammuz Event

This Gimmel Tammuz, over 200 communities from around the world will be joining Unfazed. The evening will feature an array of high-profile speakers and entertainers who will honor the life and legacy of the Rebbe.

UNFAZED is proud to announce that Rabbi Dov Greenberg and NYU adjunct professor Ari Hoffman will host the “UNFAZED” event for Chabad houses worldwide.

Rabbi Greenberg has also been working closely with the Unfazed team throughout the various stages of the event’s program development.

The event producers met at the NY studio to iron out the extraordinary logistics that come along with an event of such proportions.

In addition to the impressive lineup of prominent speakers, it has just been announced that the legendary Chassidic pianist Israel Edelson and the world-renowned flutist Yehuda Piamenta, will be part of the historic event. This is in addition to the star-studded lineup, which includes Yitzchak Perlman, Shulem Lemmer.

The event’s production will be top of the line, magnificent and an exhilarating farbrengen that will be enjoyed by everyone who attends.

Unfazed, a joint project of Chabad.org & Merkos Suite 302, will be the feature of a community Gimmel Tammuz event in over 200 Chabad House locations around the world and streamed live on Chabad.org/Unfazed.

Interested in bringing Unfazed to your community? Register here.

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