Rabbi Braun Calls for Chabad to Support ‘Tahareinu’

Tahareinu, an organization that helps couples overcome challenges in Taharas Hamishpacha, is celebrating 10 years and is raising $1M to further their work.

One of the major mivtzoim of the Rebbe was the Mitzvah of Taharas Hamishpacha. For years, frum couples facing challenges related to Tahara and local Rabbonim had to navigate the physical, emotional, and medical world of reproductive health and intimacy alone.

Then 10 years ago, Rabbi Yitzchok & Chaya Melber opened Tahareinu, with the goal of compiling the most modern medical solutions and put together a staff of experts to help couples become parents.

In the decade since, Tahareinu has grown and now not only helps Shluchim around the globe, but has offices in 9 countries. They have traveled to more than 200 medical conferences, trained over 1,000 respected Halachic authorities, and helped bring over 2,000 babies into the world.

For two days on Tuesday and Wednesday, Tahareinu is raising a million dollars in a campaign that does not contain matchers, and they are counting on your support.

“For years, Rabbonim have been struggling,” said Crown Heights Dayan Rabbi Yosef Yeshaya Braun. “We have people coming to us with Shaalos about Taharas Hamishpacha. The Shaalos are not the issue. The issue is that Taharas Hamishpacha is such an important thing, and people have struggles in so many different areas related to the physical, medical, and emotional aspects.

“There was no address where to send people. Tahareinu became the solution for almost everything. We send people constantly to Tahareinu. They have a team of dedicated staff who help people through their emotional, medical, and physical issues, supporting them through all the challenges and struggles in Taharas Hamishpacha. This Mitzvah has never been as easy as it is today; accessible, manageable, and done with so much chayus and simcha, the way a mitzvah should be done.”

“We owe a tremendous deal of appreciation to those who came up with the brilliant idea of setting up Tahareinu,” Rabbi Braun continued. “So many people in our community have been helped through Tahareinu. I urge everyone who can to support this great Mitzvah. Supporting an organization which is at the top of all organizations that are necessary for the survival of Klal Yisroel. The future of Klal Yisroel depends on Tahareinu. Please help them whatever you can and whichever way you can to help them succeed in their mission of Taharas Am Yisroel.”

To donate to Tahareinu’s campaign, click here.

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