Rabbi Blau Presents: The Mission Statement of Dor Hashvi’i

Watch: At a recent event in Oholei Torah, Head of School Rabbi Mendel Blau presented an overview of the Rebbe’s mission statement for Dor Hashvi’i, unpacked and explained, using storytelling and analysis.

On Sunday, a gathering of enthusiastic fathers and sons of Oholei Torah’s sixth and seventh grade division took place to learn and farbreng in honor of Yud Shvat.

During the event, the fathers and sons viewed a presentation by the Head of School Rabbi Mendel Blau, who expounded upon the Rebbe’s mission statement for our generation. Particular emphasis was placed on the close alignment of Oholei Torah’s mission as articulated by the Rebbe in his letters to the Yeshiva.

What is the “Mission Statement” the Rebbe put forth on the night he assumed leadership of our generation? In what way is it novel? What does it mean for me?

Unpacked and Explained, using storytelling and analysis! A lesson for each of us as Chabad Chassidim, as parents raising children, and as Mechanchim inspiring our students! With practical takeaways in our everyday life!

The Rebbe Provided a clear (novel) mission statement for us to use in drawing our values and sharpen our focus!


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