Rabbi Aaron Davidson, 77, AH

Rabbi Aaron Davidson, a long time devoted mechanech from Detroit, Michigan, who taught generations of children of all ages, passed away on Tuesday, 24 Teves, 5782.

Rabbi Aaron Davidson, a long time devoted mechanech from Detroit, Michigan passed away on Tuesday, 24 Teves, 5782.

He was 77.

He was a revered mechanech and dikduk expert known for his exceptional devotion and care.  He taught various subjects- Aleph Beis & Kriah, which was his special passion, Chumash, Bar Mitzvah lessons, Hebrew School and Yiddish- to students who ranged in age from the very young to the very old, but regardless of what and whom he was teaching, his deep love for Torah and Yiddishkeit left a tremendous impact on all.  He would invite his students from the Yiddish classes he gave at Federation to his home for Yomim Tovim to experience hands on Yiddishkeit.

His Ahavas Yisroel was remarkable; he showed incredible care, compassion and respect to all Yidden, including those with special needs or challenges, and treated every person he encountered with utmost dignity.  He made a point of inviting guests who might not otherwise have a place to go and hosted them with genuine warmth and hospitality.

His Yiras Shamayim was exemplary.  He loved sharing stories of tzadikim, and he was extremely makpid in halacha.  His davening took hours as he was careful to say each and every word with the greatest level of concentration and devotion. He was a true Chossid with steadfast adherence to Torah and mitzvos. 

He is survived by his children, Rivky Botnick – Ottawa, Canada, Yanky Davidson – Pittsburgh, PA, Chaim Davidson – Pittsburgh, PA, Dovber Davidson – Detroit, MI, Levi Yitzchok Davidson – Israel, Baruch Shalom Davidson – Philadelphia, PA, Sara Rochel Markel – Las Vegas, NV, and Yehudis Barber – Sydney, Australia, grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

He was predeceased by his wife, Chaye Nechama Davidson (nee Cukier), earlier this year.

The kevurah will take place in Eretz Yisrael.

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  1. He taught me for my bar mitzva. He was makpid in halacha to the very last detail. There was no shortcuts with him- he was a real chossid.

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