Rabbi Sholom (Sidney) Hecht, 92, AH

Rabbi Sholom (Sidney) Hecht, the youngest brother of the famed Hecht family who merited to have a special connection with the Rebbe, passed away on Tuesday, 22 Tammuz.

Rabbi Sholom (Sidney) Hecht, the youngest brother of the famed Hecht family who merited to have a special connection with the Rebbe, passed away on Tuesday, 22 Tammuz.

Sidney was born to his parents Reb Yehoshua and Sarah Hecht on Shushan Purim 5688/1928. He was the youngest of the famed Hecht brothers who later went on to become rabbonim and activists.

Sidney and his wife were childless for many years. He visited doctors and professors in the field, but to no avail.

During a farbrengen of 5718, between the sichos, the Rebbe suddenly called out to him, “Change your name from Sidney to Sholom, so that you may have peace in your body and soul, and you will have healthy child!” Sydney became Sholom, and was blessed with a daughter within the year.

Harav Tzvi Raisman, a member of the Eidah Hachareidis Bes Din in Yerusholaim, was a former Rosh Yeshivah of Mr. Hecht. This story of the Rebbe was his favorite, and he would always conclude with excitement, “Only the Lubavitcher Rebbe could promise a child in public, after years of waiting!”

Sidney merited to have a close connection with the Rebbe, and had permission to enter the Rebbe’s room whenever he so desired.

He lived in Flatbush, NY, where he ran Hecht’s Judaica for many decades.

He is survived by his children Shea Hecht – Flatbush, NY, Chana Rochel Book – Eretz Yisroel, grandchildren and great grandchildren.

Levaya will be Wednesday 10:00 AM at Somrei Hadas Chapel, and passing by 770 at 11:00 AM.

Kevurah will be in Old Montrfiore Cemetery.

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  1. ב”ה
    ברוך דין האמת
    המקום ינחם אתכם בתוך שאר אבילי ציון וירושלים
    He was one of the finest people I ever knew. His father in law Yisroel Kaufman zt”l was one of my dearest friends and a very close friend of my father zt”l. I felt like he was a member of the family. I remember seeing both Sholom and Yisroel in the store at Succoth time sorting out Esrogim. Reb Sholom will be sorely missed. May his memory be for a blessing and may you know no more sorrow.

    1. This comment is so true, this gentleman was one of the nicest people that I ever met. I purchased many articles at his store on Coney Island Ave and when this gentleman saw me he knew exactly what I needed, he never sold a book to me or my son and daughter that he knew would be beyond our comprehension and always made sure that whatever we purchased was what we really needed. May he rest in peace.

  2. http://shmais.com/chabad-news/latest/item/happy-new-year-2020

    Rabbi Sholom Hecht of Hecht’s bookstore on Coney Island in Flatbush, NY, was Zoiche to have had many Yechidusin with the Rebbe.

    One time Rabbi Hecht had a Yechidus with the Rebbe on the morning of January 1st.

    At some point during the Yechidus the Rebbe told him “Happy New Year”. Rabbi Hecht was very surprised.

    The Rebbe then told him that Rabbi Levi Yitzchok of Berdichev used to tell his congregants “Happy New Year”, and it’s based on Kapitel 87 verse 6 in Tehillim where it says “Hashem Yispor Bichsov Amim..”

    “Hashem will count in the register of people…”*

    Scroll down and fast forward to 3:40 to watch Rabbi JJ Hecht repeat the story.

    *Translation courtesy of Tehillim Ohel Yosef Yitzchok with English Translation KEHOS-5761.

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