R’ Hershel Basher, 54, AH

R’ Hershel Basher, a beloved member of the Chabad community in North Miami Beach and a noted baal chessed, passed away on Shabbos, 22 Av, 5781.

R’ Hershel Basher, a beloved husband, and father who served as a Rabbinic Coordinator in Miami, Florida, passed away on Shabbos, 22 Av, 5781.

He was 54 years old

R’ Hershel was a respected member of the Chabad community in North Miami Beach where he was giving and chessed were legendary.

He was often spotted making his rounds with his car full of freshly baked goods, homemade by his wife Josephine, delivering them around the neighborhood, his family’s personal participation in local simchas.

His countless acts of chesed, and the constant support for others, are legendary. Hershel went about this in the most plain and unassuming way; you could see that he breathed chesed. And Hershel cared for his family in the most beautiful and endless way. The pure love and devotion he showed to his beloved wife and to all of his precious children were the very epitome of what it means to be a family man. Hershel would do anything for his family. 

He is survived by his wife Josephine and their 7 young children, Rena, Chava, Rivka, Ari, Penina, Menachem Mendel and Mordechai.

The Levaya for Hershel Basher will be passing by Bais Menachem at 1:45 pm. The Kevurah will be 3:15 pm at the South Florida Jewish Cemetery 6081 S Congress Ave, Lake Worth, FL 33462

Shiva information will be forthcoming.

Baruch Dayan Haemes.

Bais Menachem of North Miami Beach has launched a campaign to help support the family of R’ Hershel Basher.

“As the Basher family prepares to bury their father, let us give them the security of the backing they have as a community. Please open your hearts to this incredible family at this time. This campaign is personal to us all as a community, please take the time and heart to spread it personally. Each of us is needed to get to the max and beyond.”


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