R’ Chaim Yehudah Brashevitzky, A”H

Reb Chaim Yehudah Brashevitzky, longtime Crown Heights resident, passed away on Friday night, 9 Kislev. He was 87.

He is survived by his children, Avremel Brashevitzky – Doral, FL, Shmuly Brashevitzky – Crown Heights, Levi Brashevitzky – Norfolk, VA, Chanie Lipkind – Crown Heights, Meir Brashevitzky – Crown Heights, Yisrolik Brashevitzky – Crown Heights, Gutey Engel – Crown Heights and Rozy Spiegel – Crown Heights.

The Levaya will take place today, Sunday, 10 Kislev, passing by 770 at 10:40 am and 11:30 am at Old Montefiore Cemetery.

Shiva information will be added.

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