Over Dangerous Mountains, He Risked His Life for Chinuch

An orphan from a young age, R. Avrohom Levik Slavin came to Lubavitch at age 14, and was placed in the senior Zal. Sent by the Rebbe Rashab to Georgia, he traveled through mountainous regions educating the locals, and he refused to leave his post even at fear of arrest.

R. Avrohom Levik Slavin was a chossid of the Rebbe Rashab and the Frierdiker Rebbe. Born in Rogatchov in 5651, he was orphaned from both parents at a young age. He came to Yeshivas Tomchei Temimim in Lubavitch at age 14, and was placed straight into the Zal due to his advanced level of learning.

He served as a rov in Bobroisk, and in 5677 was sent by the Rebbe Rashab to Georgia (Gruzia) to open chadorim and yeshivos and raise the local level of Torah knowledge and observance. He lived in various cities in Georgia until he was arrested by the Communists for his activities in 5701. He was sentenced to 8 years in Siberia and passed away there.


The country of Georgia is in a mountainous region and travel between towns was difficult and limited. The narrow windy roads hung over cliffs, and during the winter snow, they would ride on horses alone without wagons.

During one heavy winter, word reached R. Avrohom Levik that because of the poor trade as a result of the snow, the melamdim in Oni, some 65 miles away, had not been paid, and the cheder was at risk of closing. Ignoring the difficulty and the danger, R. Avrohom Levik rented a horse and a guide, and after an arduous journey, they made it there. Upon arrival, he called for a community meeting and impressed upon the leaders to make chinuch a priority and he took it upon himself to cover half of the cost. After all was settled, they began the journey back.

As they rode the narrow path, R. Avrohom Levik’s horse slipped on the snow. R. Avrohom Levik fell off the horse, but his legs were caught in the stirrups, and he could not free himself. Soon, the horse stood up and began dragging R. Avrohom Levik on the ground. The guide, who was some distance ahead, didn’t see the fall, and couldn’t even hear his screams. At last, the guide turned around, and not seeing R. Avrohom Levik, he went back and picked him up.

For two weeks, R. Avrohom Levik lay in bed to recover. He made no mention of his ordeal until he bentched Hagomel and was pressed for a reason.


For twenty-four years, R. Avrohom Levik led the Georgian communities, until one woman decided to take revenge against him. The woman, who had been married, left her husband for another man. R. Avrohom Levik pressured her to accept a get and she agreed if the husband paid her a large sum. When the husband didn’t pay up, she blamed R. Avrohom Levik and reported him to the NKVD.

The day before his arrest, a Yid with inside information disclosed that they plan to arrest him soon. R. Avrohom Levik’s son offered him to relocate to another town, but he refused to abandon the shlichus placed upon him by the Rebbe Rashab.

After his passing, his family asked the Frierdiker Rebbe what day to observe as his yahrtzeit. The Rebbe told them that being a shliach of the Rebbe Rashab, they should observe the day of the Rebbe Rashab’s yahrtzeit – Beis Nissan.

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