Queens Yeshiva Announces New Staff

The ‘Queens Yeshiva,’ currently located in Crown Heights, announced a new comprehensive team of staff who will lead the yeshiva next year, in Elul 5785.

In a memorable event, YTTL Queens welcomed its new staff with a special Farbrengen, marking a new era in excellence and growth. The event began with a special Hosafa in ‘Limud Hatorah’ – a captivating Shiur by Rabbi Sholom Dovid Geisinsky, exploring the concept of “Neemanus Atzmoi” and inspiring the Tmimim to embrace the power of Limud Hatorah.

Rabbi Menachem Mendel Hakohen Hendel proudly presented the new team, comprising beloved returning Magidei Shiurim and exciting additions.

Beginning with the beloved Nigle Magidei Shiurim of whom the majority are continuing next year to masterfully lead the growth of the Bochurim. Rabbi Binyomin Kreigsman, Rabbi Meir Shloma Pape, Rabbi Zalman Mergui, alongside the Meishiv Rabbi Nadtochi and the Mashgiach Rabbi Yoel Belinitzki. They will be joined by the phenomenal addition to our Nigle team, Rabbi Mordechai Perlow.

In Chassidus: Rabbi Yisroel Noach Vogel, Rabbi Levi Liberow and Rabbi Yossi Soble. Rabbi Dovid Kahanov will lead the team as Mashgiach Roshi.

The vision for the future was shared, emphasizing enhanced learning, Bkius, and personalized attention for each Talmid. The Vaad Hapoel’s efforts were acknowledged.

Rabbi Menachem Mendel D. Yusewitz inspired the Yeshiva to seize the opportunity of Kabolas Hatorah, boosting diligence in Limud and celebrating the ‘Oiftu of Matan Torah’: the fusion and harmony between Gashmiyus and Ruchniyus.

The event was filled with emotion, enthusiasm, and a sense of unity, as the YTTL Queens family looks forward to a brighter future together!

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