Queens Borough President Feels Privileged to Live Near the Rebbe

Queens Borough President Donovan Richards Junior, accompanied by Queens Shluchim, visited the Ohel ahead of the thirtieth Gimmel Tammuz where he displayed deep respect and expressed his privilege at living in close proximity to the Rebbe.

In honor of Gimel Tamuz Shnas Hashloshim, the Shluchim in Queens coordinated a visit to the Ohel for the Borough President Donovan Richards Junior

Mr. Richards displayed a deep respect for the Rebbe by writing a Pan and reciting Tehilim at the Ohel. 

The Borough President lives a few blocks from the Ohel and he represented the community when he was a NYC Councilman.

He has a history of being very helpful to the Ohel and developed a peaceful rapport between the administration of the Ohel and the local community members. He commented how privileged he feels every morning when he wakes up and realizes his close proximity to this holy place. 

The Borough President also proclaimed Education and Sharing Day in honor of the Rebbe, with a proclamation presented to the Queens Shluchim at the Ohel. 

The Shluchim presented the Borough President with a gift, the best-selling book “Rebbe” by Joseph Telushkin. Upon receiving it, the Borough President said that “he can’t wait to read it.”

He pledged to continue doing everything in his power to help the Jewish community and fight anti-semitism.

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