Purim Expectations vs. Reality

The weeks leading up to Purim are filled with preparations, lists, and many expectations. How is your Purim matching up? 

Happy Purim!

The weeks leading up to Purim are filled with preparations, lists, and many expectations. 

Your expectations:

You’re looking forward to 24 hours filled with delicious food, good wine, creative Mishlaoch Manos and quality, joyous family time. 

Let’s be honest, your expectations will be more or less fulfilled (aside for the moment that your child has a tantrum during Megillah).

Your neighbor in need has very different expectations than you, and their reality will be a stark contrast to yours. 

They are looking forward to when Purim will be behind them and hoping that their kids won’t notice that their Purim Seuda table was emptier than last year. 

You can help turn their reality around – Venahafochu!

You can fill their table. 

You can treat their children.

You can give their family a Purim to remember – for the good!

You can make a difference for your neighbor and their family by directing your Matanos L’evyonim to Keren Anash, who are currently distributing (Bo Bayom) the funds that are being raised to members of Crown Heights Anash so that they too can enjoy a Yomtov Seuda as it should be enjoyed.

With wishes for a happy Purim for both you and your neighbor in need. 

You can make it happen: Kerenanash.com

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