PSA: Soon, Many in Crown Heights Won’t Have a Dentist

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From the Inbox: Crown Heights resident Efraim M. is asking fellow locals to help establish a dentistry in Crown Heights by making their voices heard at ODA’s central office.

By Efraim M.

As a longtime Crown Heights dentist’s office is about to close, its patients will be looking for a new one that accepts their insurance. For many, none of the other neighborhood dentists currently do.

As such, it would be great if the Crown Heights ODA adds a dentist to their growing line of specialists. Unfortunately, they don’t have such plans at the moment. As a result, lots of people will be forced into a very inconvenient and time-consuming commute every time they need dental care for themselves or for their children.

If you want them to bring a dentist to their Crown Heights location, it’s very important that you call the ODA’s main branch in Williamsburg (718-260-4600) and politely request that they consider doing so in the near future. The more calls they receive, the bigger chance there is that they will realize how big the demand is and that it’s in their financial interest to oblige.

Please pass this on to your family, friends, co-workers, and groups.

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  1. My insurance sent me to Lefferts and Utica. It’s not about the loud rap music in their waiting room, I could understand people have different tastes, but the quality of the actual medical equipment is what concerned me. When took exray put this red plastic thing in my mouth that had to be from the 1930’s. At that point I decided I’L pay out of pocket somewhere else, but I’d need a copy of the xray since NY State of Health will pay for only one (1) x ray every six (6) calendar months. It was this hand printed film, also from the 1930’s. They refused to release it since there was no way to make a copy of film.
    Thank you New York for Access to services so that nobody is turned away from medical treatment.

  2. What about calling the ODA office in crown heights,
    why do we have to call the main ODA office in Williamsburg, for what ?

    1. Only the ODA’s main branch in Williamsburg makes such decisions. Not the Crown Heights branch.

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