Providing Spiritual Care for Yeshiva Shluchim

A new project by Vaad Hatmimim aims to help the spiritual needs of the Talmidim HaShluchim who tirelessly devote themselves to the spiritual well-being of the students in their respective Yeshivos.

The Talmidim HaShluchim to Yeshivas around the world are often described as the engine of the entire Yeshiva. It is they who tirelessly devote themselves to the spiritual well being of every Talmid in their respective Yeshivos.

Until now, there were very few resources available for the Shluchim themselves. It is very difficult to serve their own spiritual needs when they are so single-mindedly devoted to their bochurim. But even the best engine can always use some maintenance, and there has been very little support and direction provided to those special bochurim who merit to go on the Rebbe’s Shlichus.

In light of this, the Vaad Hatmimim has presented a global learning initiative geared especially to these bochurim, all learning the same topics in Chassidus.

Every month there is a booklet of selected maamorim, all related to the sugya at hand. There are weekly shiurim on zoom, given by the Mashpiim from Yeshivas across America. Thereby every Shliach can participate and engage so that the learning can be more understood and comprehended than what the words of the maamorim convey at first glance.

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