Project Melukat Initiative Reaches New Milestone

Bochurim and anash who joined the newly launched Project Melukat have already complete 25% of Sefer Hama’amarim Melukat Chelek Beis.

“I’ve been learning with the Project Melukat schedule for almost two months, and it’s incredible how much impact it has made on me. Never before would I just sit with another bochur and just like go crazy about yechida. When I koch in the Weekly Maamar, it adds so much value to my week, and what’s more, I have something I can share with others. I have something to inspire others about at a farbrengen and it is amazing. Thank you for running this initiative.”

This is a message we found in our inbox.

This beautifully tells the message of chanukah, and the message of chassidus. To take the little jug of oil (pnimius hatorah), and to spread it with others. To take the power you were given and be a shliach to inspire others to be shluchim themselves. To shine light until even the darkness itself is a luminary.

This is Project Melukat’s aim. To make the learning of Maamarim Melukat as accessible as possible, so that people could share the Rebbe’s torah with others.

Project Melukat is currently going through Chelek Beis, and with the help of Hashem we have completed 25% of the Sefer!

Project Melukat follows a schedule of one Maamar a week. Learn the Weekly Maamar on your own, with a chavrusa, or through the many resources we provide.

We arrange for renowned Mashpiim and Shluchim to record many different styles of shiurim, including shorter overviews, as well as in-depth classes, explaining the Maamarim to the fullest. As well, our team invests significant time and effort in gathering various resources at a central easy-to-use online location, here.

The Weekly Maamar for this week is Mitzvasa Mishetishka Hachama 5738, which is the second Maamar in Kutres Chanukah – 5747, and is a hemshech to Tanu Rabanan Mitzvas Ner Chanukah 5738, and discusses the concepts above.

This Project is dedicated in loving memory of Rabbi Akiva Wagner a”h, and is set up to complete this second sefer of Melukat by his yahrzeit, Yud-Zayin Iyar. May this bring to a true Aliyah for his Neshama with the ultimate being the yeridah back down here together with the coming of Moshiach now!

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