Project Elevate Launches Another Successful Summer of Tznius

Over 1000 girls in camps and colonies alike join Project Elevate over the summer to learn the halachos of tznius and glean the Rebbe’s views on the topic.

Project Elevate was started over 10 years ago, during wartime in Eretz Yisrael. Since it’s inception, over a thousand girls participate every summer. The Rebbe says, “Tznius is the wall protecting Klal Yisrael.” By women and girls learning about and adding in tznius today, it hurries and brings the final complete Geulah.

This summer, for the first time ever, all adults are invited as well to join in the program. Adults will receive a coupon by email for free ice cream at Sweet Expressions by taking on a hachlata and learning the booklet with a child – it can be either your daughter, granddaughter, neighbor or family friend. It’s very important to know what the Rebbe says about tznius and it’s life-changing for the best.

For hundreds around the world, learning the booklet is a summer highlight. Email [email protected] to redeem the ice cream prize and check out the website for resources on the beautiful mitzvah of tznius.

Many day camps and overnight camps have already signed up for this current summer. The campers will be learning all about tznius from inside sources including Kitzur Shulchan Aruch, Sichos and Igros Kodesh from our Rebbe, keep a tznius hachlata and earn a free ice cream. Any day camps or overnight camps that would still like to join and participate can email [email protected] to partake in the program.

Learn the information with a child, take on a hachlata in tznius for 11 days and we will email you a free ice cream coupon to sweet expressions. Enjoy this great way of bonding with your daughter, while learning what the Rebbe tells us about Tznius.

The girls that review the learning booklet and take a simple multiple choice test receive a canteen with the Project Elevate logo. The girls that get an 80% or higher enter a gold earrings raffle. In addition, there is a bonus raffle for a Rebbe dime necklace for girls that share with family at home or relatives over the phone 8/11 learning messages from the poster that the girls will bring home decorated and place on the fridge. All adults are also welcome to join the Rebbe dime necklace raffle by submitting a submission about tznius to [email protected]. To join in and help sponsor you may Paypal: [email protected] 

A beautiful story happened this year regarding the procurement of the dime from the Rebbe for the raffle. About four months ago, someone said she will give the Project Elevate coordinator a Rebbe dime for this summer’s Project Elevate Rebbe dime necklace raffle. The coordinator tried calling her to arrange a time to come pick it up but didn’t get through to her. They met in 770 and she told her when to come pick up the dime, but when the coordinator came to her home there was no answer.

On Lag Baomer, the Project Elevate coordinator was in the ohel davening for the success of Project Elevate. Right after the person that told her she was going to give her the Rebbe dime walked in. It’s the first time that they ever saw each other in the Ohel. A little later they met again at the Rebbe’s video in the ohel house. She took out the Rebbe dime and handed it to the Project Elevate coordinator. She said she was carrying it around with her, so she can give it for Project Elevate raffle the next time she meets the coordinator. 

The program has the Rebbe’s bracha, it’s up to each person to join and make the Rebbe proud. Check out the beautiful learning booklet from Project Elevate attached below, with all the details.

Click here to download the booklet.

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