Project Brings Rebbe Videos to Spanish Speakers

Project 71, launched to prepare for Yud Shvat, will send out 71 videos of the Rebbe speaking about Moshiach, translated into Spanish for the first time.

In 71 days, on the 10th of Shevat, Jews worldwide will mark 71 years of the Lubavitcher Rebbe’s leadership.

Over the last seven decades, the Rebbe revolutionized world Jewry and prepared the entire world for the fulfillment of its ultimate, G-dly purpose, with the coming of Moshiach.

In honor of this momentous milestone, we are proud to present:

Project 71 — a collection of seventy-one videos of the Rebbe, translated into Spanish for the first time.

In these video clips, the Rebbe discusses the present, unique era — how the arrival of Moshiach is imminent, and the Torah’s descriptions of that time have already begun materializing. The Rebbe addresses the responsibility of every individual to do everything possible to prepare ourselves and our surroundings for the time of Moshiach, and to live our daily lives appropriately for this special time.

Click the link below to join the WhatsApp group, and receive a short daily video — with Spanish subtitles — about Moshiach. Do your part to make the Rebbe’s vision a reality!

Please share with your family and friends!


Below is a brief Spanish translation to send to your Spanish-speaking acquaintances:

71 Dias a Yud Shvat!

Acercándonos al aniversario 71 del liderazgo del Rebe les pedimos juntarse a una campaña especial en preparación a Yud Shvat cumpliendo con la misión que el Rebe nos entregó “Recibir al Moshiaj” y especialmente estudiando temas de Moshiaj y Geula.

Desde este domingo hasta Yud Shvat quedan 71 días
Cada día mandaremos un video del Rebe sobre temas de Moshiaj con subtítulos en español!!

Esperamos que esta campaña realmente nos ayude prepáranos estar listo para recibir al Moshiaj ya B’poal Mamosh!!!

Para juntarse al grupo de WhatsApp:

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