Pro-Palestinians Mobs Attack Jews in New York City

Roving pro-Hamas mobs targeted Jews and Jewish-owned businesses in New York City’s heavily Jewish diamond district, as anti-Israel protests spiraled out of control.

By reporter

Just hours before a ceasefire between Israel and Hamas went into effect, multiple clashes broke out in midtown Manhattan between Pro-Israel protesters and supporters of the Hamas terrorist organization.

In one video, an explosive device can be seen detonating on a block with a large number of Jewish-owned businesses near Manhattan’s Diamond District. The pickup truck was part of a convoy of vehicles waving Palestinian flags.

According to the NYPD, two commercial fireworks were thrown from a car, and one person suffered minor burns. The department’s Arson Investigation Squad and a detective squad are investigating the incident.

Other footage showed pro-Palestinian rioters brutally beating a Jewish man, while yet another video showed pro-Palestinian rioters clashing with pro-Israeli counter-protesters.

New York City Police Department said 20 people were arrested, but eyewitnesses claimed they were all released one by one.

“Anti-semitism has NO place in our city,” tweeted Mayor Bill De Blasio about the attack. “There’s no excuse for violence against someone because of who they are. None. We will bring the perpetrators of this vicious act of hate to justice.”

Earlier this week, thousands of Pro-Palestinian protesters marched down 42nd Street in Manhattan and shut down traffic.

A Shul in north suburban Skokie was vandalized on Sunday immediately following a pro-Palestinian protest where protesters shouted anti-Israel and anti-semitic remarks.

Police said video surveillance video shows someone smashing a window at the Persian Hebrew Congregation. The person left a flag and a a “Freedom for Palestine” sign outside the building.

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