Prime Minister Netanyahu Puts on Tefillin of Fallen Soldier

For the first time, Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu posted a photo of himself putting on tefillin of a soldier who was killed during the 2014 Gaza War. This public display is reminiscent of a letter the Rebbe sent to PM Ariel Sharon.

By reporter

Israel will soon mark Yom HaZikaron amid an excruciatingly painful year as the many Israelis who were murdered or fell in battle against Hamas are mourned.

Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu on Sunday posted a photo of himself on his X account donning tefillin, writing:

״וְרָאוּ כָּל־עַמֵּי הָאָרֶץ כִּי שֵׁם השם נִקְרָא עָלֶיךָ וְיָרְאוּ מִמֶּךָּ״.

Ruchama, the mother of Moshiko (Moshe) Davino, H’yd, who fell in Operation Protective Edge, brought me his tefillin.

“The tefillin that were with him all the time amid the battles are the only thing that survived the inferno in which Moshiko fell. The smell of gunpowder still lingers on the tefillin cover.

“I promised Ruchamah that I would put on the tefillin l’ilui nishmas Moshiko and l’illui nishmas all our fallen ones.

“That’s what I’m doing today out of holy reverence.

“May the memory of our martyrs be blessed and enshrined in our hearts forever.”

Many find this public display of putting on tefillin, something which Netanyahu has never done before, reminiscent of a letter the Rebbe sent to PM Ariel Sharon.

In a letter of condolences after the tragic passing of his son in 5728 (1967), the Rebbe praises his public donning of tefillin at the Kosel, which made waves and inspired others to do the same.

“Another factor that motivated me to write this letter is the tremendous inspiration that you aroused in the hearts of many of our Jewish brethren when you put on tefillin at the Western Wall, an act which merited great publicity and echoed powerfully and positively into the various strata of our nation, in places both near and far.”

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  1. I want to say we all males shall put on our tefillins for each fallen IDF….because they fought for Israel and for our jewish people.

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