Presidential Motorcade Stopped Traffic: This Is What Shluchim Did

A ten minute drive almost became a nightmare when a freeway in California was closed due to a presidential motorcade. But instead of getting annoyed, the shliach and his children took to the street.

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When the Newman family, shluchim to Beverlywood, California, got into their car to drive to a nearby shliach, they thought they would be there in 10 minutes. But then the highway was shut down. But instead of getting annoyed, they brought the party to the street.

The family of shluchim had been on their way to a Chanukah event at nearby Shluchim, who live only 10 minutes. Suddenly, traffic began building up, and then it came to a standstill. When they tried to find out what was happening, they heard that the motorcade of President Joe Biden was passing nearby.

According to the California Department of Transportation, “for security reasons there is no advance announcement to the public regarding ramp closures related to a visit by a U.S. president or vice president.” As such, they had no prior way of knowing about the closure.

So, with only five minutes left to their drive, they found themselves on the 10 FWY as it came to a complete standstill in honor of Mr. Biden’s passing through.

First, the windows rolled down and Chanukah melodies were blasted to spread Chanukah joy. A couple minutes later, when things were still not moving, Mendel Newman(14) and Chaim Newman (12) jumped out of the car and started dancing right there on the highway.

Next, they reached in for the Tefillin and began approaching nearby cars. First was the car in the next lane over. The response was an excited yes as the driver, who was on the way to the airport with his girlfriend, put on a smile and forgot about the stress of traffic. His girlfriend received neshek and shliach mitzvah gelt as well!

Before they knew it, men were exiting their cars from as far as ten cars back to roll up their sleeves and put on tefillin, inspired just from witnessing what was going on. People took out their phones and were snapping away, proud to share these moments with their families and friends.

“May the joy and light of the pirsumei nissah worldwide by the Rebbe’s beloved shluchim bring about the Geula immediately,” the Newmans told

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