Preparing for Gimmel Tammuz Thirty Years

In preparation for Gimmel Tammuz Thirty Years, Tzach is organizing a chaluka of all the Rebbe’s printed Torah—Sichos, Maamarim, Igros, Farbrengens, Reshimos; more than 250 volumes—to be learned collectively by anash and bochurim.

Anash and bochurim worldwide are preparing with mixed emotions for the holy and auspicious day of Gimmel Tammuz.

For thirty years, we have been in a unique situation. On the one hand, every chossid and every Jew is filled with a strong yearning for the days of illumination, when we will see the Rebbe in a physical sense. At the same time, the past thirty years have been saturated with extraordinary hiskashrus to the Rebbe: living with the Rebbe, traveling to the Rebbe, fulfilling the Rebbe’s takanos, mivtzoim, expanding the Rebbe’s holy mosdos, the rapid growth of shlichus worldwide, and thousands of fresh chassidim, bli ayin hora, who were born and became mekushar to the Rebbe after Gimel Tammuz 5754.

The tremendous involvement and excitement surrounding the study of the Rebbe’s Torah, both in quantity and quality, serves as a living example that the Rebbe is with us more than ever. In the Rebbe’s words, “The Rebbe is even stronger and more alive!”

Studying the Rebbe’s Torah is a major component of hiskashrus. As the Rebbe writes in Hayom Yom (24 Sivan): “True hiskashrus is through Torah study. When you learn my maamorim, read the sichos, and associate with my friends—the anash and temimim—in their study and farbrengens….”

It is clear to every chossid that as we approach Gimmel Tammuz – Thirty Years, with all the deep emotions, we need not look far for an appropriate way to prepare. The answer is clear and simple: to study the Rebbe’s Torah together with chassidim worldwide!

With this in mind, a campaign has been launched by the Lubavitch Youth Organization, Tzeirei Agudas Chabad Hamerkozis, in which all the Rebbe’s printed Torah—Sichos, Maamarim, Igros, Farbrengens, Reshimos; more than 250 volumes—will be studied collectively by anash and bochurim.

On similar occasions, such as the Chalukas Hashas for Yud Tes Kislev, the Rebbe explained that every individual is part of the collective study and is considered to have learned the entire thing. Learning all of the Rebbe’s Torah is certainly a very fitting preparation for Gimmel Tammuz, in addition to the unity brought about through the collective study.

Sign up today at the special website set up for this campaign:

Everyone has the opportunity to choose a portion of the Rebbe’s Torah to study throughout the coming year between 3 Tamuz 5784 and 3 Tamuz 5785.

The director of Lubavitch Youth Organization and the drive behind this campaign, Rabbi Shmuel Butman, expresses his complete bitachon that even before Gimmel Tamuz this year, we will merit to be reunited with the Rebbe, with the true and complete redemption, now!

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