Prague Seminary Accepting Students for its Third Year

The revolutionary Prague Seminary has just opened registration for its third year. The Seminary in Prague is a flourishing post-high school Chinuch institution with the goal of giving each girl under its care a year to learn, grow, connect, and give.

The revolutionary Prague Seminary has just opened registration for its third year. The Seminary in Prague is a flourishing post-high school Chinuch institution with the goal of giving each girl under its care a year to learn, grow, connect, and give. With personal attention and connection as a priority, the Prague Seminary is in the midst of an incredible second year!

Situated in the heart of Central Europe, the seminary is in a prime location for the students to discover the rich Jewish heritage of Europe. The seminary building is situated in the center of the old Jewish Ghetto of Prague, just around the corner from famous historic sights such as the Maharal’s Altneu Shul and the old Jewish cemetery; burial site of the Maharal and the Kli Yakar.

The students also enjoy monthly trips to many destinations in Europe bringing Jewish history to life, as well as seeing first hand what various Shlichus looks like around the world. These trips combine fun with eye-opening learning experiences, as students hear about the Torah giants who lived in each place and learn some of their teachings. 

Housed in a four-story building boasting a brand-new and modern dormitory, classroom, lounge, renovated kitchen and well-equipped exercise room, the Prague Seminary makes it a priority to ensure that each girl will experience a year of growth and learning while having all of her needs met, both bgashmius and bruchnius. The girls enjoy three nutritious, balanced meals every day. In addition, weekly gym classes encourage the girls to take care of their physical health so that they can make full use of their year to advance B’ruchnius. 

The many classes and programs aim to infuse the girls with a sense of pride in their Yiddishkeit and Chassidishkeit, as well as a jumpstart into their future roles as the Shluchos and educators of the next generation. Extra learning through Mivtzos and Hachana initiatives for Chassidishe Yomim Tovim provide the girls with a breadth of knowledge and appreciation for the Rebbe’s Horaos, along with weekly “Niggun time” and “Rebbe time” arranged by the madrichot. Presently the girls are busy with a special Hachana program for Yud Shvat, which encourages them to work on their Hiskashrus to the Rebbe with initiatives such as early morning Chassidus, Basi L’gani learning, hachlatos and daily checklists. The relatively small student body also gives each girl an opportunity to be actively involved in programs and contributing to the group. 

In keeping with the seminary’s goal to provide its students with hands-on leadership and shlichus experience, students also get a chance to impart Torah learning and Jewish values to a variety of crowds by leading shlichus projects such as children’s programs, Cteen events, weekly ladies’ chavrusa learning, and mivtzoyim visits to senior centers and the local Jewish school. This Chanukah, seminary girls put together a fabulous children’s carnival as well as a fantastic Cteen event. With its emphasis on learning, growing and giving, a year in the Prague Seminary gives girls an opportunity to cultivate a strong value system that will prepare them to face the future. 

Classes in the Prague Seminary cover many topics such as Parshas hashavua, Maamar,  Bayis Yehudi, Chinuch, teachings of the Maharal, Halacha, Inyonei Geulah uMoshiach, Likkutei Sichos, Hashkafa, Jewish history, and Gemara. The girls also enjoy a bi-weekly course on finance as well as a Physcology course. 

With a focus on the practical application of Chassidus in today’s day and age, the girls benefit greatly from local teachers in Prague, Rabbi Manis and Mrs. Dini Barash, Shluchim to Prague for over 25 years, Rabbi Mendy and Mrs. Mariashi Barash, and Ms. Esther Leah Wineberg. Prominent Mechanchim Rabbi Eidelman, Rabbi Heller, Rabbi and Mrs. Gruzman, and Rabbi Myers, all make weekly commutes to teach. Renowned Mechaneches Mrs. Malka Touger also spent 2 months in Seminary as scholar in residence. The girls also enjoy classes, both in-person and virtual, from other distinguished educators such as Mrs. Bassy Pekkar (shlucha and social worker in Germany), Rabbi Kaufman (Israel), Rabbi Yitzi Lowenthal (shliach to Copenhagen, Denmark), Rabbi Ari Shishler (shliach and educator from Johannesburg, South Africa), Rabbi Fole Dubov (mashpia in Ohelei Torah), and Rabbi Boruch Kaplan (scholar in residence at Mayanot Academy), and Mrs. Mashi Slavaticki (Shlucha and educator from Antwerp, Belgium). Farbrengens are led by visiting Shluchim and Mashpi’im; some notable visitors this year have been Rabbi Levertov from France, Rabbi Tiechtel from Berlin, Germany, Rabbi Liberow from South Africa, Rebbetzin Lew from London with her daughters, Rabbi Boruch Kaplan from Yerushalayim, Israel, and Rabbi Fieldsteel from Vienna, Austria. 

Shabbos in Prague is very unique in that the girls have the enjoyable opportunity to interact with the local community and the many visitors. Davening and Shabbos meals at the Chabad Center allow students to take an active part in the Shlichus. To add to the girls’ Shabbos, the seminary often brings in guest speakers for the weekend, who provide the girls with interesting shiurim and farbrengens. 

Due to the small group size and dedicated staff, each student in the Prague Seminary is given personal attention and care throughout her seminary year. Mrs. Mariashi Barash, the dorm mother, is always around to ensure that all needs, whether ruchani or gashmi, are met. The hanhala works hard to meet the needs of every girl and to create an atmosphere in which each one can truly flourish. The madrichot work tirelessly to provide the guidance and support as well as extra curricular programs that girls gain so much from during their year in seminary. The Ruchnius growth of the girls is their top priority.  This year’s group consists of 27 mature, intelligent and growth-oriented girls who have come together for a year of learning, achieving and thriving. 

‘’The group here is so growth-oriented and encouraging of each other’s learning and growth. I appreciate how much the teachers and staff care for each girl and make sure everyone has the tools they need for success’’- Adina Putter, Cedarhurst, NY. 

‘’The Shlichus opportunities and weekly learning with the women in the community really give me a chance to give of myself while gaining hands-on Shlichus experience’’- Miri Beckerman, Toronto, Canada. 

“The really amazing thing about the Prague Seminary is the individualised attention and real care that the staff show to each girl.” – Shayni Gold, Miami, Florida

‘’I know that if I ever need anything, I can always turn to a staff member, who will be ready with a listening ear’’- Menucha Botnick, Ottawa, Canada.

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