Postville Yeshiva Starts With Visit from Rabbi Braun

Yeshivas Beis Shalom of Postville began their year with a visit from Harav Yosef Braun of the Crown Heights Badatz, who delivered a shiur during a visit to inspect the AgriStar plant.

By reporter

The new year at Yeshivas Beis Shalom of Postville, Iowa, began on the right foot with enthusiastic learning and a special visit.

Just a few days after the new yeshiva year began, the yeshiva was treated to a special visit by Harav Yosef Braun, member of the Crown Heights Beis Din. Rabbi Braun, who was visiting Postville to inspect the AgriStar plant, also visited the yeshiva.

The shiur was on the topic of birchas hashachar and related halachos, followed by divrei hisorerus for the new yeshiva year.

“The visit was a great start to the year, which is already seeing much hatzlacha,” the hanhala told “Baruch Hashem, this year we have an incredible group of bochurim, an incredible group of bochurim shluchim, and the learning has begun with much chayus.”

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